Mac550 / Mac700 series - Rear end overheating / melting

A few customers have experienced problems with the rear end overheating or in a few instances melting. We have been unable to determine the root cause of this issue on the fixtures that overheated in the field.

We did some trouble shooting on a fixture to find out if we could replicate the problem and we found out that it is possible to overheat the rear end if some or all of the 4 fans in the rear of the head are stopped or not running 100%. The 4 fans are controlled from the F2 fan single output driver on the main PCB so if the driver fails or if the connector falls off all 4 fans will stop working.
We have seen several fixtures where the wires going to the main PCB was installed in a way that F2 could be disconnected by accident when trying to remove or install the main PCB / Display module because of the way the wireset was run.
The above knowledge has let us to believe that the root cause is that the rear end fans were disconnected without the user noticing it and that would cause the fixture to overheat.

Please make sure that the 4 fans are running after you have the main PCB / Display module out of the fixture.
New fixtures have the wireset run differently which will make the F2 connector less likely to fall of during service.

If you have any comments or questions please contact your Martin professional representative right away.