As of S/N 4200530001, a new motherboard, the ENDAT-370ML, with an Intel Celeron processor (533 MHz max speed) has been implemented in all Martin Case controllers. Earlier, the standard RAM was increased from 32 MB to 64 MB. Together, these improvements ensure smooth performance when running version 7.3 software.

This board can be installed in all previous Martin Case controllers. This mainboard uses the Intel Celeron socket 370 processor with a higher fan. Earlier processors used in the Case are therefore not compatible with the new mainboard.

To upgrade a controller, you will need

  • P/N 39041002, "ENDAT-370ML motherboard"
  • P/N 02000203, "Pentium III Celeron 500/533 MHz"
  • P/N 05741005, "Fan, Pentium Cooling, 5V DC Brushless"

When installing the mainboard, no jumpers have to be set, but some settings in the CMOS SETUP have to be changed as follows:

  • At startup, press Delete (on the keyboard) to enter the CMOS setup.
  • Select Integrated Peripherals.
  • Change the "Onboard Serial Port 1" setting to DISABLED. (If not disabled, the trackerball won´t work.)
  • Change the "Onboard Lagency Audio" setting to DISABLED. (If not disabled, the SMPTE/MIDI interface will not work correctly or the controller will lock up when selecting fixtures.)
  • Select "Power Management Setup." Change the "ACPI Function" setting to DISABLED.
  • Save settings and exit

If replacing a PAM-0066 or PAM-0065 motherboard, you may need to update the hardware drivers. See the Case software download page.

Performance improvements can also be achieved in Case controllers with the previous motherboard (PAM-0067) by upgrading the CPU and its cooling fan, and upgrading the memory to 64 MB. For full channel output, it may be necessary to install the new 1024 ch. interface. An overview of the CPUs that are compatible with earlier motherboards is found in the Version 7.3 supplement to the Case user manual.

Controllers with the new board can be identified on startup by the message "REV: UN-370ML4M-OEM(FOR R&D)".