MAC 250 Beam Main CPU v1.1.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 250 Beam Main CPU v1.5.0. ×

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

  • MENU/MAN fixed regarding color offsets
  • Info/temp fixed. Can now show negative degrees and fahrenheit
  • MAN/COL RND -> OPEN fixed. Did not clear RND COL
  • Reduced acceleration on dimmer to prevent steploss
  • Fixture will now work in minus 20 degrees celcius
  • Optimized shutter open/close snap
  • Odd colors did not snap - fixed (Bump threshold reduced)
  • New keyboard code. Makes the fixture react when a button is pressed instead of when released.
  • Motor code updated.
  • New bootloader.
  • Strobe fix. Doesn't decrement counter if it is null
  • NIE interrupt fix. No watchdog update to inforce reset.

Additional note:

To carry out a snap right after a fade (for example if you have programmed a 2 second fade in a 3 second scene and then want to snap to the following color), set EFSP = FAST. Alternatively, setup EFSP = PTSS -> FAST, so the effect speed will follow the PTSS setting. In this case you can change the EFSP back to NORM by DMX on DMX channel 14 (16 bit), channel 17 (16 bit Ex.).

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