MAC 250 Entour Main CPU v1.5.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 250 Entour Main CPU v1.8.0. ×

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

  • Bootloader added and upload procedure improved.
  • New reset implemented that uses feedback for better accuracy.
  • Strobe/Pulse performance improved.
  • Blackout while moving improved.
  • Color Blackout function added, uses color 6 as COLB.
  • Prism in/out acceleration reduced to prevent head shaking after change.
  • Pan/Tilt feedback turn-off improved.
  • Prism and rotation gobo no longer indexes when stopped.
  • Effect feedback now corrects step-loss on the fly for color, gobo and rotation gobo.
  • MP2 interface implemented.
  • When lamp is on, the fan regulator can no longer turn the fans off completely; they will not regulate below 30%
  • Extra unused fan set to 30% PWM instead of 100% as before.
  • When fixture enters "explosion mode", all DMX communication is disabled. DMX is re-enabled after a manual lamp strike.
  • Lamp HOT time changed to 10 minutes.
  • Writes message DISP - PROG before updating display firmware. DO NOT SWITCH FIXTURE OFF.
  • During HOT/LERR the dimmer will remain shut.
  • Menu can now be entered during reset, but MAN,TSEQ and UTIL menus are blocked during reset.
  • Menu short-cuts added, LampOn, LampOff, Reset and P/T disable.
  • Display now shows SRST during software reset. 
  • Service menu reworked.
  • DMXL menu reworked to support both 16BT and 16EX DMX layout.
  • EFSP (Effect speed) Menu Added.
  • STUD (Studio) Menu Added.
  • TSEQ facelift.
  • UTIL/PCBT menu now works (FOR SERVICE USE ONLY (really!)).
  • Flashing cursor when entering the ADDR menu
  • Implemented jump to ch. 1 using "UP" + "ENTER" keys in ADDR menu
  • All ON/OFF menus require ENTER key confirmations to change values
  • All menu wrap-around implemented
  • ...and a lot of other minor adjustments/improvments.

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