MAC III Profile Firmware v1.8.0

Last Updated: May 19

- IMPORTANT: Once version 1.8.0 is installed, the fixture will no longer accept upload of earlier firmware versions

- IMPORTANT: The first time this firmware version is uploaded, the fixture will update the User Interface firmware. This can take up to two minutes, and the display will black out during the update.

- IMPORTANT: The fixture must have MAC III Profile firmware v. 1.5.0 or later installed before it will accept v. 1.8.0.

Changes / Bug fixes:
Supports new flash chip on CPU board.
CPU board watchdog enabled.
Added support for MDLP6 MkII PCB.
New ballast firmware update, removes occasional lamp flicker.
UI EEDF error no longer reported.
CECO (com error cooling) now shuts down lamp.
Fixed the reset sequence to prevent light escaping during resets with lamp on.
After power up and pan/tilt reset, the head no longer covers the display.
Zoom and prism can no longer collide when fixture is reset while powered on.
Dimmer blades close if shutter remains closed to reduce thermal stress on shutter.
Fix to ensure that fixture does not enter LAER (lamp explosion mode) when using ballast strobe functions.
Color wheel reset speed reduced.
Added ADVANCED SERVICE MENU (activated by holding down the jog-wheel on the SERVICE menu item).
Pan/tilt limit functionality rewritten, outside limit (define no-go zone) removed, only inside limit (define safe area) is now supported.

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