Wife Updater (discontinued)

The Wife Updater consists of a special cable which needs to be purchased and a special piece of software which is available here. The software needs to be installed onto a PC running Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP and additional downloads to this software can be made following the navigation instructions within the software. The software is then used for a number of functions, as detailed below, which can then be uploaded directly to your Wife via the special cable.


  • 200 pre-programmed personalities
  • Customize bar graph fonts
  • Customize menus
  • Customize power up screen
  • Edit all 12 Memories
  • Edit up to 100 lamp personalities
  • Generate custom test patterns
  • Live DMX512 control for editing personalities
  • Setup parameters such as Start Code, Power Save


  Version Language Size Uploaded
The Wife UPdater user manual en  236 KB May 18, 2018
User manual en  432 KB May 18, 2018
The Wife UPdater software for Windows en  1.59 MB May 18, 2018

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