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The Xciter lighting controller closes the circle on total performance control. It provides complete functionality to your fingertips, with instant pitch adjustment, freeze, flash, blackout, master fader and more. From the most personal show to mid-sized performances, the Xciter puts you in total control.


  • 40 fixtures, with maximum of 48 channels + dimmers (Total max 512 channels)
  • Add Pan/Tilt shape effects with timing effects
  • Add any effect to a single channel including timing effects
  • Up to 10 manual override scenes during playback on faders
  • Pitch fader increases or decreases show speed by up to 5 times
  • Freeze button
  • Master fader to adjust general light intensity
  • 4 programmable custom buttons.
  • Assign different frequencies of the music as a trigger for any parameter of the fixture(s).
  • Export, backup or import shows via USB to PC.


Physical Length: 483 mm Width: 265 mm Height: 120 mm Weight: 4.7 kg
Control and Programming Up to 160 cues (1 background scene + 4 simultaneous sequences per cue): Up to 160 cuelists (automated shows with go, chase and wait functionality): Up to 160 presets on all channels: 40 fixtures of max. 40 channels (total max. 512 physical channels): 20 dimmers of max. 48 channels (total max. 512 physical channels): Effect generator with adjustable speed, swing and delay: 16-bit fan control on all channels to create spread-outs: Relative and absolute control possible over all channels: 16-bit control possible on all channels: UP to 6 sequences can be cross-faded with cues during playback: Effect macros (several factory-loaded): Auto-start of automated shows with lamp-on feature: Built-in Martin fixture library (other libraries can be uploaded via USB): Library editor to create custom fixture definitions: Export/import shows and libraries via USB to PC: Sequence trigger options: Internal clock, manual, audio (4-band, adjustable levels), BPM (with record mode) Sequence options: Forward, backward, bounce, random, one-shot freeze, one-shot release Protocol: DMX512
Control/User Interface Blue backlit LCD display, 2 x 40 characters, to show fader labels (parameters and values): Blue backlit LCD display, 4 x 20 characters, to show menus and dialogs: 6 x faders and flash buttons for parameter control and direct access scenes during playback: Master fader: Master flash button: Blackout button: Dim button for direct access to dimmer channels: Fix button to control fixtures: Freeze button: Cue button to launch single cues: Cuelist button to activate cuelists: Programmable smoke, strobe, extra 1 and extra 2 buttons: Soft power button with 2-second switch-off protection: Pitch fader with center indent for instant playback speed adjustment: 8 x soft buttons to select items in the display: ESC and ENTER buttons for menu and dialog control: 8 x page buttons to select cue pages and fixture groups: Previous and next buttons for single-stepping, data entry, navigation: 20 x general-purpose buttons to select cues, select fixtures and enter data: Shift key to access secondary functions: Jog wheel to scroll through lists and input data: Joystick for pan/tilt control with built-in coarse/fine toggle button: Pan and tilt exclude buttons: Home button to send all selected fixtures to home positions:
Installation Table or 19-inch rack (6U) mount:
Connections DMX in: 5-pin locking XLR DMX out: 3-pin and 5-pin locking XLR MIDI in/out/thru: Standard MIDI (5-pin DIN) Audio trigger signal in: 6.3mm (1/4-inch) mono jack Audio trigger signal level: Line level PC/uploader: USB Desk lamp: USB I2C expansion port: 5-pin DIN AC power input: 3-pin IEC
Electrical AC power: 100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
Approvals US safety: UL 6500 Canadian safety: CAN/CSA E60065-00 EU safety: EN 60950 EU EMC: EN 55103-1, EN 55103-2 CB Approval: IEC 60065
CE ETL C US Intertek 
Included Items Presentation/Training DVD: 39300000 Installation CD: 39201500 Gooseneck lamp with USB connector: 06220003 1.5 m power cable, 3-pin IEC: 11501012 5 m data cable, 3-pin XLR: 11820008 DMX termination plug, male XLR: 91613017 User manual: 35000119
Ordering Information Xciter Controller, 90-250 V: 90736000


  Version Language Size Uploaded
Technische Daten de  7.39 KB May 18, 2018
SP_Xciter_EN_A en  7.08 KB May 11, 2018
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Manual de instrucciones es  869 KB May 18, 2018
Manuel d´utilisation fr  1.91 MB May 18, 2018
Manuale d´uso it  2.56 MB May 11, 2018
EU Declaration of Conformity es  711 KB May 18, 2018
Xciter Software 2.08    1.01 MB May 06, 2019
Xciter Software 2.08    1.01 MB May 06, 2019
Service Procedures
Xciter Recovery Procedure en  2.11 MB May 11, 2018
Service Notes
Firmware Update Procedure en  178 KB May 11, 2018
Hints And Tips
Default password from firmware V.2.00 en    May 22, 2018
Front Panel Illumination Enhanced en    May 22, 2018
Xciter Training DVD en    May 22, 2018

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