The rotating gobo holders in the MiniMAC Maestro can be visually indexed so that gobo index positions need not be reprogrammed after removing and reinstalling holders, assuming that the gobo does not change orientation within its holder.

Index holders as follows:

  1. Disconnect the fixture from AC power and remove the top cover. 
  2. Using a permanent marker, mark the inside of the "V" formed by any two teeth on the rubber gobo rotation gear. 
  3. Turn the gobo wheel as necessary to mesh one of the gobo holders with the marked teeth on the rubber gear. Mark the "trapped" tooth on the gobo holder. 
  4. Turn the gobo wheel one-quarter turn so that a tooth on the next gobo holder meshes squarely with the same two marked teeth of the gobo rotation gear. Mark the trapped tooth on this gobo holder. Turn the wheel again and repeat for the third and fourth gobo holders. 
  5. Replace the top cover.

After servicing, insert gobo holders so that the marked tooth meshes with the two marked teeth on the rotation gear.