MacIII Profile software bug can cause cooling system not to start when lamp is on

We have discovered a bug in the MAC III profile software that can cause insufficient cooling while the lamp is on. It is not a fatal error and several conditions need to be present for the fixture to enter this error state. The error will be corrected in the next planned software version.

The error can occur under these conditions:

  • Fan mode is set to FOLLOW LAMP ON.
  • No LAMP ON command has been sent to the fixture.
  • Lamp power is changed from 100% to 90% or lower. This causes the lamp to strike.

The error causes the fans in the head not to start up and the fans in the base to run at minimum speed until a temperature sensor measures above 70° C. Then a safety feature in the software is activated and starts up the fans until the temperature is below 50° again. The fixture will then return to the error state with the head fans not running and base fans running at minimum speed.

To avoid this error, always power the MAC III Profile lamp on with a LAMP ON command before you change lamp power.

You are welcome to contact your local Martin Professional Service representative if you need further explanation or have any questions about this issue.