Adjustment of the tracking mode algorithm is a new feature in the latest update (version 1.9) of the MAC 600 software. This feature means that very smooth pan and tilt can be achieved in tracking mode even with controllers that calculate changes in DMX values unevenly.

In most cases the default settings provide smooth movement and need not be changed. If, though, movement is jerky or uneven, there are 2 parameters that can be adjusted to improve movement.

The first parameter is the algorithm (calculation method) used and is selected under SPEC/TRAC/MOdE. MOd1, the default, calculates speed based on the absolute value of the change (delta) in DMX; it is the best choice with controllers that calculate intermediate positions that are close to the line of travel. MOd2 uses the real value of the DMX delta to calculate speed and is better if the intermediate positions calculated by the controller stray significantly from the line of travel.

The second parameter is the number of samples, i.e., new DMX values, used to calculate movement speed. It is adjustable between 1 and 10 under SPEC/TRAC/CAL. Increasing the number of samples increases the distance over which speed is calculated, making movement smoother but less responsive to sudden changes.

The ideal settings for both algorithm and samples will vary from controller to controller. You will have to experiment to get the best results. We can, however, recommend setting the algorithm to MOd2 when using the MAC 600 with the Martin Lighting Director system.