Light Fox Software v2.2

Last Updated: May 22, 2018

Important: Install DesigFox software on your PC before connecting the USB to the LightFox controller

Install the DesignFox application on your PC by downoading the Zip file from the link below and run the DFinstaller.exe.

Once the DesignFox application has been installed on your PC you can now update the firmware on the LightFox controller the following way:

  1. Make sure the Design Fox is not running
  2. Hold the Power Button on the Lightfox
  3. Connect the USB cable between Lightfox and PC
  4. Release the power button
  5. Go to Start Menu > All Programs > Martin Professional> DesignFox
  6. Click on the "Update Firmware 2.3"
  7. Press the Update Button
  8. When finish, close the updater program
  9. You need to unplug and replug USB after upload (to exit programming mode)
  10. Run the DesignFox

New Features in DesignFox 2.2

  • New DMX address grouping method:
    Under settings you can choose to have DMX aligned in 2 ways :  "Grouped"/"Not grouped".

    "Grouped" is as described in the manual Rev. C. "Ungrouped" means that DMX data comes in sequence :

    Fixture1-Red, Fixture1-Green, Fixture1-Blue, Fixture1-White, Fixture2-Red etc.
    Each fixture always takes up 4 channels, even in RGB mode, so fixture 2 always starts on DMX address 5.
    The other setting can disable any communication between LightFoxes - this means that is disabled the link will always be low impedant.
  • New Color Picker with live color change so the color chosen can be seen in real-time.
  • Various fixes.

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