MAC 1200 B-Section EPROM v1.1

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

Version 1.1

  • Correction regarding continuous color and gobo scroll. With previous versions, a change in color/gobo position or color/gobo time, caused a change in scroll speed.
  • Correction regarding color and gobo. With previous versions it could occur that the indexing adapter on the color or gobo wheel hits the fixed indexing spring thus loosing its position (occurs when the color/gobo wheel is approaching the open position, and then programmed to the last, 2n last or 3rd last gobo / last or 2nd last color.
  • Improved dimmer reset to prevent that the dimmer looses step during reset.
  • Support of offset-adjustments/calibrations implemented in receiver CPU version 1.2.
  • Correction regarding lamp on. The fixture now accepts a DMX lamp on during reset. On previous versions, this would cause a "LErr".
    Test sequence, "SP15", implemented. This sequence runs through all effects.
  • Dimmer position slightly changed (intensity reduced) at 0.4% intensity.


Version 1.0

  • First released version.
  • DMX512 protocol version 1 compatible.
  • Martin RS-485 protocol version 1 compatible.

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