MAC 2000 Profile Main CPU v1.4

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 2000 Profile Main CPU v1.8. ×

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

  • Smoother pan and tilt stop in "SLOW" and "NORM" mode.
  • New, more linear appearing dimmer curve.
  • Quieter CMY/CTC operation.
  • Added Color, Gobo 1, Gobo 2, Effect and Iris offsets to CAL menu.
  • LED test sequence added in UTIL-> PCbT-> LEd. (For service use only.)
  • Added commands to call up readouts (usage counters, base and head temperature, and software version) on fixture control panel(s) from MP-2.
  • Added 2 service messages that are displayed under SMSG in the main menu, which is only shown if the “Service” LED on the control panel is lit. “Replace lamp” is scrolled in the display when the lamp hours counter (TIME/L HR/RSET) exceeds the average lamp life of 750 hours. (Osram specifies a maximum service life of 937 hours for the HMI 1200 W/S, or 125% of the average life, to minimize risk of lamp explosion.) “Fixture overheating” is dis­;;;;;;;;;;played if the head temperature sensor reads a temperature over 120° C. If the fixture over­;;;;;;;;;;heats, clean fans and vents and check power supply wiring.
  • Timeout error messages added if an indexing sensor in the head short circuits during reset (SxSC). See user manual (rev. E) for more information.
  • Serial reset is now possible while the iris pulse function is on.
  • Corrected tilt blackout while moving error.
  • Corrected index position of prism/beam shaper.
  • Pan/tilt position correction routine modified. Motor speed is reduced when correcting step loss. There is no change to normal performance.
  • Bug fix: DMX Stud mode override did not work on all effects.

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