MAC 2000 Profile Main CPU v1.6

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 2000 Profile Main CPU v1.8. ×

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

  • Added MAN (manual control) menu.
  • Improved dimmer fade curve for smoother dimming during final 25 percent of fadeout.
  • Added color/gobo speed ( PERS > CSPd) option under personality menu. The FAST option increases color/gobo wheel acceleration to maximum and provides faster color bumps. Note: Color/gobo wheel step loss may occur under low power and/or high temperature condi- tions that decrease motor torque. The NORM option (default) uses the original acceleration curve, which is slower but less prone to step loss.
  • Disabled lamp strike during reset to prevent reset errors due to electronic noise. The lamp strike command is stored and then executed when the reset is finished.
  • Fixed bug that could cause slow response of the effect wheel.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the zoom and focus lenses to collide when working in the calibration menu.
  • Fixed bug that prevented 100 percent dimming while strobing.

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