P3-PC Software v3.0.0 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: P3-PC Software v5.3.2. ×

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017

Changes since 2.2.0 

New features

  • Support For VC-Grid And VC-Dots (Via P3 PowerPort 1500)
  • Support For Mapping Flexible Products Like The VC-Dots
  • Copy Flexible Fixture Mapping Layout
  • Video Input Wizard
  • Highlight Active Preset
  • Offline Viewing Modes Rendering Result Without Fixtures Connected
  • Layout Wizard Now Supports Screens With Mixed Pixel Pitches
  • Highlight Selected Fixture(s)
  • Select All Fixtures Of This Type
  • Showfile Can Have Custom Dotpitch (Useful In VC-Dot Setups)
  • P3-PC Now Has Option To Lock Viewport (To Prevent Accidental Move) 


  • P3-PC Now Supports Up To 20.736 Pixels
  • Improvement Of Offsets For Position And Rotation In DMX Control
  • Warning-Message On High-Res Input Resolutions To Indicate That Viewport And/Or Scaling Needs To Be Used
  • Default Behavior On High-Res Input Resolutions Is To Crop Down Instead Of Scale Down
  • Improved Ergonomics In Video Input Settings
  • Improved Behavior Of Video Viewport 1:1
  • Improved Behavior Of Video Scaling 1:1
  • Video Offset Separated From Video Scaling
  • Keyboard Shortcuts For Preset Selection Can Be Disabled In Preference Menu
  • Layout Wizard Now Prevents Creation Of Two Fixtures With Same Number
  • Quick Addressing Tool Now Prevents Creation Of Two Fixtures With Same Number
  • Offline Layout Wizard Allows Selection Of Numbering Scheme
  • Blackout / Freeze / Testpattern Buttons In Toolbar Now Glow When Activated
  • Calibration Bank Selection In Color Settings Window 

Bug Fixes:

  • Panel Not Part Of Group Within The Boundaries Of A Group Cannot Be Selected On Its Own
  • Linking Panels In The Color Target Window Does Not Automatically Apply Brightness-Link
  • Fixtures Appearing Twice 

Included Fixture Firmwares: 
- LC Series: 2.0.2 
- EC-20: 2.0.5 
- EC-10: 2.0.17 
- PowerPort Series: 1.1.0 
- VC-Grid Series: 1.1.0 
- VC-Dot Series & VC-Feeder Series: 1.1.0 

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