P3-PC Software v4.1.0 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: P3-PC Software v5.3.2. ×

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017

Changes since 4.0.3

New Features & Improvements:

- Support for P3-PC on Hippotizer Media Server
- Light All function for quick system check before mapping
- New Alignment Bar testpattern for verification of mapping
- Improved Layout Wizard (immediately indicates fixtures that are already addressed)
- Global Status (Online/Offline) Indicator
- Group Status (Online/Offline) Indicator
- Fixture Adjuster functionality to compensate for ageing of LEDs (requires training & license key)
- Dot Position Indication when working with individual dots of VC-Dot string
- Maximum Fixture Group Quantity increased to 100
- Various new keyboard shortcuts (to be found in document on our support page)
- Keyboard Shortcut info added to tooltips
- R shortcut for rotation of fixtures now rotates around center of fixture
- Group Lock function for grouped fixtures
- Device Firmware Reload window now mentions fixture types
- Flip Vertical/Horizontal now also working when having multiple flexible fixtures selected

Bug fixes:

- View area does not move when fixture is moved using keys (fixed)
- Fixture lock on Flexible Fixtures not covering individual dots (fixed)
- Copy-Paste Showfile in File Operations not working (fixed)
- Double-clicking a *.VIP file in Windows launches P3-PC, but doesn't open the file (fixed)
- P3 forgets to disable highlight when closing showfile (fixed)
- P3-PC crashes when doing viewport 1:1 on 3600x1080 (fixed)
- P3-PC forgets to add file extension when saving copy of showfile (fixed)
- Testpattern are shifted 1 pixel on rotated fixtures (fixed)

Included Fixture Firmwares:

- LC Series: 2.0.4
- EC-20: 3.0.0
- EC-10: 3.0.0
- PowerPort Series: 1.2.1
- VC-Grid Series: 1.4.5
- VC-Dot Series & VC-Feeder Series: 1.2.2
- VC-Strip Series: 1.4.5
- VDO Sceptron Series: 1.4.8

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