We have experienced users having problems using internet explorer to view 3DPartsfinder. The 3Dpartsfinder document is an HTML file that uses an ActiveX component (a browser add-in to explorer) to read Solidworks Composer files. Each individual composer file is called and read by the ActiveX component by clicking the links in the HTML document.

There are a few pointers to solve the browser issues by reading the 3DPartsfinder README pdf.

3DPartsfinder README


For users unable to use the 3DPartsfinder we suggest Solidworks Composer Player. Solidworks offers the free CAD tool Solidworks Composer Player.

It is possible to read each individual Solid Work Composer file using the Solid Works Composer Player.

Solidworks Composer Player click download link in the page and follow the installation. It is NOT required to enter a serial# when installing the software

How to use Solidworks Composer Player

Solidworks Composer Player system requirements

Composer Player Installation