Bavarian Film Awards Places Trust in Martin Lighting, LED Displays

March 01, 2011

Media Resource Group of Crailsheim implemented the lighting concept designed by Markus Müller (BR). As in previous years, the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation placed its trust in the reliable, multi-purpose spotlights and state-of-the art LED technology manufactured by Martin Professional. In addition to extensive special effect lighting, the event gave Martin the opportunity to show off its new EC-20 LED panels, as well as the LC Plus Series™ LED panels.

The EC-20 is an LED panel with a 20 mm pixel pitch that complies with the IP65 safety rating for outdoor use. A major advantage of the plug-in system is the lack of external cabling between panels, thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of errors. The LC Plus LED panel has a 40 mm pixel pitch and is also IP65 rated. Both systems were controlled via Martin Professional’s P3 Protocol, using a P3-100 System Controller™ with integrated Genlock extension.

For the Awards show, the LED panels were divided into eight mobile segments, each operating independently of one another. During the presentation of awards, award categories were displayed on the panels. For performances by Max Mutzke and Zucchero, the screens transitioned into a dynamic presentation element. See Zucchero’s performance on YouTube here.

Werner Butscher, Production Manager at Media Resource Group, made the following statement regarding the LED panels: “The LED panels did not pose any problems whatsoever throughout the entire production. In fact, it was actually a lot of fun using them – assembling the equipment, producing something of outstanding quality and then disassembling the equipment again.”

The two-hour live broadcast saw Tom Tykwer receive an award for the romantic comedy “Drei” (Three), Florian David Fitz receive two awards for “Vincent will meer” (Vincent wants to sea), and Sophie Rose awarded “Best Actress” from the film “Drei.” Hannelore Elsner received an honorary award, which was presented by Bavarian premier Horst Seehofer.

Martin Equipment:
24 m² LC Plus Series™
20 m² EC-20™
1 x P3-100 System Controller™
50 x MAC III Profile™
25 x MAC TW1™
24 x MAC 700 Profile™