Bring in the Decorator - Martin Ego X5

Bring in the Decorator - Martin Ego X5

April 03, 2006

Every Friday and Saturday night the ground floor level of Sydney’s Retro Hotel, known as Party Central, comes alive to the classic tunes of yester-year. The décor isn’t fancy – no swanky interior designers have been employed here – but the room has been redecorated in a novel and cost effective way. Eight Martin Ego X5 effect lights bathe the thronging crowds in a sea of color, pattern and movement.

The Martin Ego X5 is the only true kaleidoscopic effect on the market today with a blazingly bright output and razor sharp images to cut life into any show, club or party. With the ease of DMX control and 12 inbuilt macros to get you on the road fast, the Ego X5 is the supreme mood instigator for the light hearted professional.

The installation was carried out by Total Concept Projects with fixtures supplied through Show Technology. Project manager Ralph Rudolf is so impressed by the Ego X5 he has also installed six into the Central Coast’s Club Troppo - a bare auditorium used as a night club on Friday nights that now has instant décor!

“They certainly dress a room very effectively,” he commented. “I’ve also installed six Martin Ego 03 effect lights into Penrith RSL’s ‘The Boogie Lounge’ – again a one nighter event.”

The DJ’s at the venue have an easy life with the Ego X5 as it can operate in either auto or music trig mode. In trig mode variable behavior tuning allows DJs to adjust how aggressively the effect reacts to music. The Ego X5 comes with spectacular macros included for fast programming and demonstrations as standard.

Also included is a variable strobe effect with 0–100% digital dimming. Variable effect speeds on both the double mirror tunnel optics and the specially designed kaleidoscopic gobo wheel give maximum flexibility and dynamic effect. Rotation is continuous and smooth on all effects.

So next time you want to dress-up a plain venue, it’s as easy as investing in Martin Ego X5’s!