Cherry at Red Rock, Las Vegas

Cherry at Red Rock, Las Vegas

June 29, 2007

Cherry nightclub at Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas has set itself apart from the mainstream, both literally and figuratively. Located miles from The Strip, Cherry has distinguished itself with a spectacular crimson-themed interior of leather, metal, rich wood, red stone, glass and a one-of-a kind mirrored dome ceiling that features MAC 250 Series effects working with LED and a Jem Hydra fog system. Red accents abound from VIP booths to a spacious outside pool and lounge area.

The uniquely memorable club design was created by the Rockwell Group with lighting design by Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting. The lighting brief called for something equally sophisticated and spectacular. Awaiting guests at the end of a textured mirror entrance tunnel is a MAC 250 Series and Atomic strobe lighting rig that has been carefully integrated into Cherry’s succulent interior.

The prominent dome features 24 custom pipe grids outfitted with alternating MAC 250 Entours and MAC 250 Washes, six each, along with six Atomic 3000 strobes with Atomic Colors scrollers for additional color complementing capability. Lighting effects fill the dance floor and central bar area while indirect lighting from the abundance of mirrors adds a secondary effect. Lighting supply and installation was by SJ Lighting.

Providing atmospheric haze or a full fog effect is a Jem Hydra, a multi-headed fog generator with DMX controlled remote heads serviced by one centralized base. Cherry’s Hydra is a three headed system located at the top of the mirrored dome, streaming fog straight down onto the dance floor. Lieberman calls the flexible unit a well designed machine that gives him plenty of choices.

Elsewhere at Red Rock are some 40 Martin Cyclo 03 fluorescent linear luminaires at the entrance to the Bingo Hall, backlighting four front panels, 20 top and 20 bottom. The Cyclos are programmed to match the blue interior lighting of the Hall. Also, at Rocks Lounge, a live concert and dance venue, approximately 20 MAC 550 profile spots add color and effect energy to a stage and dance floor.