Churchills Sound Refurbishment in Southend, England

November 26, 2001

Churchills is a popular “chameleon” bar that is open 14 hours a day for a mix of eating, drinking and grooving: a formula that’s becoming increasingly popular across Britain.

Set in a prime location at the center of Southend’s shopping arcade, Churchills has always enjoyed popularity among an eclectic demographic, but the explosive growth of bar and club culture in recent years had left the place looking dead.  The new owners of the club decided it was time to start planning a re-vamp.

Southend Disco and Lighting Ltd. were commissioned to design a sound system in keeping with the Churchills café style image for daytime use while combining high-end sound reinforcement for evening use. 

This was achieved by using a range of Mach speakers including M125i mid top cabinets, M182i subwoofers and M82i and M72i’s near field speakers.  Martin RoboScan 812 moving mirror scanners and Acrobat effect lights are used for added impact on the dance floor. A Jem Magnum Pro 2000 smoke machine adds the atmospheric smoke effects.