Copenhagen’s Fields Shopping Center

Copenhagen’s Fields Shopping Center

September 30, 2004

Architect: C.F. Møller A/S Lighting Design: Collaborative

Copenhagen´s new flagship mega-mall, Fields, Scandinavia´s largest shopping center, opened earlier this year with a special indoor and outdoor Martin Architectural lighting scheme aimed at firmly planting Fields in the minds of Scandinavian shoppers.

Located just a few kilometers from the city center, Fields, at some 12,000 sq. meters, offers more than 150 stores and restaurants, a unique mixture of ambiance, shops and brand names that can’t be found anywhere else in the country.

Light it and they will come
The client expressed a desire to make a statement, an unmistakable signal that says this is no ordinary shopping center. Because of the unassuming nature of the structure itself, dynamic lighting would play a key role in defining the building’s and Fields’ image in the public eye.

Attraction and interest were the key elements, with a clear goal of attracting a higher quantity of customers. The solution was a non-static lighting scheme that couldn’t be missed by passersby, a visual promotion that sticks out and gets people talking...and shopping.

700 Martin Architectural Cyclos
The visual experience begins from afar thanks to an extraordinary outdoor illumination. Tucked into some 750 meters of outdoor soffit are 700 Martin Architectural fluorescent Cyclo fixtures. The north and south facades of the mall are illuminated in white light from specially designed one-tube Cyclo fixtures; while the eastern facade features color-changing illumination from Cyclo 03 DMX luminaires with RGB mixing and color correction control.

In order to avoid the building’s large facades appearing too massive, the architects chose to place all emergency staircases behind glass. This gave designers an opportunity to continue the lighting concept inside, in five emergency staircase dwellings, where more Cyclo 03 DMX fixtures, approximately 140 in all, reinforce Fields’ branding qualities of dynamism and quality.

Entrance illumination
The mall entrance is also an integral part of the lighting scheme with conventional as well as color wash and graphic effects piquing customers’ curiosity. Dynamic projection such as simulated cloud effects from Martin MAC 2000 Performance automated lights decorate soffits, the surrounding glass on the large façade above the main entrance, and a tower elevator.

Just inside the mall entrance are two areas of conventional up- and down-lighting with Martin MAC 2000 Performance effect luminaires projecting text logos and abstract graphics over a travelator and onto glazed elevators, as well as onto the floor and catwalk.

Also inside are more MAC 2000 series luminaires (Wash, Profile, Performance), Martin MAC 550 effects luminaires, and Martin CX-4 automated profile color and pattern changers used for stage lighting and graphics on walls. color mixing Alien 02 luminaires and additional Cyclos provide decorative lighting of the three-story high layered ceiling.

One Martin PC-based LightJockey controller manages each group of fixtures, four in total with 25 Martin PSP Switchpacks, 40 Martin RS-485 Optosplitters, and a whopping 15 kilometers of DMX cable used in the installation. All Martin Architectural lighting for Fields was supplied and installed by Martin Scandinavia.

Lighting design was a collaborative effort between Haskoll & Co. Ltd.; Architects C.F. Møller; marketing firm Yellow Pencil; retail designers Evenden; consultant engineers Niras; and Martin Architectural’s Peer Østergaard. Louis Poulsen was responsible for the conventional lighting aspects of the installation.