Creating a versatile venue at Singapore’s Trinity Christian Centre with MAC Vipers, MAC Auras and RUSH by Martin

August 12, 2015

When looking to implement a new lighting system in their sanctuary, Trinity Christian Centre looked for a solution that would easily grow to meet the church’s need to host events and weekly services. With their existing lighting no longer able to meet their requirements, the AV team, headed by Clinton Hughey-Trueman, AV Executive and Lighting Designer for Trinity Christian Centre looked at the best options to help build a versatile rig that was a smart investment for future productions. The church ultimately chose Martin Professional to be their lighting partner on the project.

Clinton said:
“As a church we use lighting with very little turnaround time between events and services. This meant that any fixtures we chose had to be able to meet the needs of contemporary worship, theatre, live video recordings, as well as any possible needs of external users when hosting an event within our premises. We ended up choosing Martin fixtures because they were the best option to fulfil our requirements.”

Filling out the stage
The church’s new fixtures included lights from the MAC Viper™ family and RUSH by Martin. The MAC Vipers were a big hit with Hughey-Trueman and his team as their output got the job done. They needed a light that could do tight enough beams to punch through to the stage floor as well as wide enough to fill the stage with gobo patterns. The MAC Vipers did it seamlessly and better than they had hoped for.

The RUSH beams were also a great addition to the church’s rig. The team really wanted some extra ‘toys’ for the stage and the RUSH beams created a wow factor during services. They also decided that they needed some extra wash fixtures that could handle the height on stage and at the same time be compact enough to put anywhere or fill gaps in lighting designs. Trinity Church Centre decided that larger fixtures weren’t the solution and so they also purchased RUSH™ PAR 1 and MAC Aura™.

Clinton continued:
“We were quite surprised with the RUSH PAR 1’s ability to handle the throw distance on our stage. Also, the MAC Aura is a great compact light that fit perfectly into the whole design, they are so fast and smooth and the zoom and brightness just add to what is an overall great fixture.”

The right installation
The Sanctuary at Trinity Christian Centre was designed as a multipurpose venue with a slight focus toward a more theatrical style when it was first built. Because of this design, the infrastructure limited the lighting in some ways but also gave the church’s team a lot of freedom to design the lighting for flexibility and change.

When they started their upgrade project, Trinity Christian Centre had a clear knowledge of what they needed the lights to accomplish. They had to take into consideration future events they may host and how to best accommodate these events. The lights they purchased have, in many ways, exceeded the team’s expectations and have allowed them to be even more creative. As a church, Trinity Christian Centre’s goal was to achieve seamless lighting during their events while supporting various types of performances. To that end their new lighting system has met and exceeded the vision passed down from senior management for what they wanted to see from this upgrade.

Martin equipment

MAC Viper Profile, 8 pcs.
MAC Viper Wash DX, 4 pcs.
MAC Viper AirFX, 4 pcs.
MAC Viper Quadray module, 4 pcs.
MAC Aura, 4 pcs.
RUSH MH 4 Beam, 6 pcs.
RUSH PAR 1 RGBW, 8 pcs.