Detroit’s Coliseum Making History

Detroit’s Coliseum Making History

March 15, 2005

Coliseum, located in Detroit, Michigan, is certainly not your typical adult club. This antiquity themed venue was built complete with a period façade, outdoor fountain and 25-foot obelisks that beckon customers from miles around. Architecturally stunning both outside and in (interior design by John Janjavarea), Coliseum maintains a lively yet tasteful atmosphere with a Martin Total Club package. The Mach audio, Jem smoke and of course Martin lighting system makes history of conventional adult club entertainment systems.

Lighting and sound gear for Coliseum was sold and supplied by Advanced Lighting and Sound of Troy, Michigan with installation services and integration provided by Sound Stage Systems of Connecticut. Sound, light and video system design was by Martin’s Club Market Manager, Dave Chesal. Programming was by Peter Moore of LightSpeed Productions of Miami.

It all begins outside
Coliseum’s sound and light experience not only starts outside, it can be experienced from blocks away in the form of ten architecturally stunning obelisks, each approximately 25 feet high. Each translucent obelisk houses a Martin Architectural Exterior 200 color changer to morph colors all through the evening.

The color-changing corridor of obelisks leads one to the club entrance and a canopied valet parking area. Here, Exterior 200 long barrel fixtures with PC lenses uplight two columns on each side of the entrance. The long barrel version of Martin’s short throw, CMY color changer was employed for its narrow beam characteristics and highlights just the columns themselves. The Mach audio system also has its start outside. Built into an overhanging soffit, under the large canopy, are recessed Mach CS-8 coaxial speakers.

Get your fiber
Once inside the main doors in the lobby vestibule, guests look skyward to view a drop-in ceiling of three Plexiglas panels backlit with a fiber optic harness of FL-91 cable powered by a Martin FiberSource QFX 150 fiber optic illuminator. From there guests are greeted at an elegant reception desk complete with custom granite marble face. The marble surface is illuminated by imbedded up- and down FL-37 end light fiber optic cable with end element ferrules. The cable, powered by a Martin FiberSource Q150 fiber optic illuminator, was fused to produce a 60o beam spread across the marble face.

Focal point
The focal point of the main club area is a custom designed runway with three Plexiglas octagon dance areas. In order to set the Plexiglas dance areas aglow, a MAC 300 color changing moving head was placed beneath each octagon for color wash along with two Atomic Colors strobes.

In the runway floor between each octagon is a custom metal grate below which is a Jem AF-1 fan and a custom mounted Martin Magnum Club Smoke head. The AF-1 fan can be used by itself for an upskirt wind effect á la Marilyn Monroe, the smoke head can be triggered by itself for instant on-stage fog, or the two can be combined for a unique fog effect.

Around the perimeter of the stage, along the drink rail, as well as the bar areas is color from FL-37 end light fiber optic cable with end element ferrules, again fused to produce a 60o beam spread. FiberSource Q150 illuminators power the fiber optic.

Above the main stage
Above the main stage stretches a series of architectural A-frame arches. At the peak of each arch are MAC 250 Krypton moving heads spraying colorful gobo and beam effects across the area. Mounted just below the Kryptons are CX-10 color and pattern changers that provide color wash and general effect lighting for the octagon dance areas, four covering the central octagon and a pair of CX-10s for each smaller octagon. The underside of each arch crossbar is adorned with a mini-cluster of Atomic Colors straddled by Wizard effect lights. Pairs of MX-10 scanners, six on each side of the stage for synchronic effect, contribute with added energy and quick beam movements.

Additional areas
Away from the main stage, two satellite dance pods are outfitted with CX-2 color and pattern changers and Acrobat effect lights. An additional runway is addressed with more CX-2s and Acrobats. Atmospheric haze and a mid air projection surface is provided by a Martin Magnum Club Smoke system and Jem ZR 24/7 Hazers. All lighting control is from a PC-based LightJockey with dual touchscreens.

Owing to the success that had been achieved at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam with the Martin FiberSource CMY 150, 3M HL-12 fiber optic and high performance track, it was decided to use the same set up at Coliseum. In the seating areas along each side of the club are a series of ceiling coves each wrapped in 3M HL-12 solid core fiber powered by FiberSource CMY 150 illuminators. However, in order for the colors from the FiberSource CMY 150 to be appreciated and rendered properly, a certain amount of experimentation and testing was done with ceiling paint colors. The original themed gold paint was eventually dropped for a more colored-light-friendly white.

Mach audio system
The Mach audio system is a flexible system that serves a dual purpose in Coliseum. Dave Chesal explains, “The Mach speakers were chosen because of their ability to provide both high quality near-field sound and high SPL. Specifically in the adult entertainment industry you have a near field application where conversation and communication is essential. This is a boy meets girl environment and it’s important that you don’t drowned out conversation. Yet at the same time you want to have high fidelity stereo imaging and an adequate sound pressure level for Friday and Saturday nights. The Mach speakers satisfy both needs.”

Built into the bottom of the main stage are four dual 18" Mach M182i subwoofers. Above that, located between the MX-10s, are 10 Mach M125i 3-way top boxes to cover the stage. On each perimeter wall are Mach M82i near field top boxes for fill purposes covering the seating areas.

Audio in each of four skyboxes, actually VIP rooms that are open to the club, is handled by an M151i sub and M72i near field top box. Four M72i over two M151i subs provide the audio in two private dance areas, while in a private celebrity room audio comes courtesy of two M151i subs working with a center M82i and four corner positioned M72i. Recessed Mach CS-8 speakers cover the common areas, bathrooms and girls dressing area. Amplifiers are all PowerSoft with Mach M20.06 used for audio control. A Mach M-Flex 12 is used as a booth monitor.

12 x Exterior 200
4 x Exterior 200 long barrel w/ PC lens
1 x FiberSource QFX150
7 x FiberSource Q150
11 x FiberSource CMY150
8 x end light fiber harnesses
200m x 3M HL-12 solid core fiber 
5 x MAC 250 Krypton
3 x MAC 300 
12 x MX-10 
8 x CX-2 
8 x CX-10  
8 x Wizard
6 x Acrobats 
8 x Atomic 3000
8 x Atomic Colors 
6 x Jem AF-1
2 x Magnum Club Smoke (6 x Club Smoke heads)
2 x Jem ZR 24/7 Hazer
LightJockey PCI 512
2 x ELO touchscreens
4 x RS-485 Optosplitters
10 x Mach M125i
4 x Mach M182i
13 x Mach M82i
16 x Mach M72i
10 x Mach M151i
14 x Mach CS-8
1 x Mach M-Flex 12
3 x Mach M20.06
2 x PowerSoft Digam 7000
3 x PowerSoft Q4004
3 x PowerSoft Q3204
3 x PowerSoft Q4002
1 x PowerSoft Q5001
1 x Pioneer CDJ 3000
1 x Pioneer AJM 3000