E4 Nightclub, Scottsdale, Arizona

E4 Nightclub, Scottsdale, Arizona

February 06, 2006

E4 is a new club in Scottsdale, Arizona that offers patrons a high energy experience spread across four distinct zones. Opened in summer 2005, a unique multi zone experience allows clubgoers to pass through the four classical elements – Fire, Liquid, Earth and Air – as easily as passing from one room to the next.

Thom Casey, designer and senior engineer at Wardin, Cockriel & Associates, completed the dance floor lighting, audio and video design.

The Fire room is actually three areas in one – a disco, lounge and VIP room. Dark, moody, and blazingly red, Fire surrounds patrons in iron, stone and flame. The room features custom elements like an iron sculpted lighting fixture, Gothic iron chandelier and elevated throne complete with illuminated spires. Seven Martin Mania DC-2 decoration fire effects projecting onto a brushed stainless bar top add to the fiery atmosphere.

Suspended from a circular four meter diameter Global Truss is a dance floor lighting system of 4 MX-10 scanners, 2 MAC 300 wash lights, 2 MAC 250+ profile spots, and 2 Atomic 3000 strobes with Atomic Color scrollers. A Rose Brand spandex scrim stretched across the bottom of the truss provides a projection surface. A Jem ZR 24/7 Hazer adds to the heated atmosphere while providing the mid air projection canopy. Lighting and haze control comes from a Martin PC based LightJockey controller. The Atomic strobes are separately controlled by a Martin Detonator.

Directly adjacent to the dance floor is an elevated dance platform with a steel grill surface uplit in red and yellow. Within the dance platform is a large fan that powers a large nylon sock that surrounds a go-go dancer. When illuminated it appears the dancer is dancing inside a ring of fire.

The Fire Lounge and neighboring Fire VIP room are predominately lit with low voltage deep red uplights focused on the stone walls and undersides of the interior arches. Iron chandeliers, candle holders and lighted wall sculptures add to the custom look with various low voltage swivel head halogen fixtures (with red lenses) lighting the tables and service areas.

After a trip through Fire, it’s time to cool off. The Liquid room features a two story stainless steel waterfall, elevated water scrims with rear projection video, 20’ high color changing bubble columns, water curtains and bubble walls. The lighting system features a circular three meter diameter Global Truss, again fitted with a Rose Brand spandex scrim. The truss is loaded with 4 MX-10 scanners, 2 MAC 300 washlights, 2 MAC 250+ profile spots and 4 Atomic 3000 strobes (two with Atomic Colors) used for dance floor lighting and backlight effects. All lighting, strobes and effects are controlled by a LightJockey with attached Fingers interface. A Jem ZR 24/7 Hazer provides the atmospheric haze.

The Liquid room also features a lighted dance floor with a flowing ‘lava lamp’ effect that responds when stepped upon, as well as elevated dance areas centered between the water scrims.

Earth is a trippy, surrealistic grotto lounge featuring an assortment of low level halogen lighting as well as a sequencing LED effect lighting system. The LED system projects onto sculpted plaster walls and fiber optic ‘psycho fungi fixtures’ placed on the walls behind the bar and lounge booths. The curving acrylis bar top is backlit in moss green to reveal grass and twigs suspended in its mold.

Air is an expansive patio lounge with plasma screens, projected cloud effects and an illuminated bar. Custom flowing booths with recessed accent lighting gives a floating effect to the seating areas. An additional airy feel comes from backlit bar windows covered with vinyl cloud graphics.