Entours Shine at CLIO Awards

August 02, 2004

The 45th Annual CLIO Awards, the world’s most recognized international advertising awards competition, was held in mid-May, and as in years past took place at the prestigious Eden Roc Hotel in Miami’s South Beach.

Jeremy Breger of Everlast Productions took on the lighting design and lighting programming duties for the award’s show. He used 20 MAC 250 Entours (purchased just prior to the event) and 20 MAC 300 washlights along with some conventional fixtures, all supplied by Everlast Productions.

The awards took place over two nights and event organizers required different lighting looks for each night. The lighting brief also called for elegant looks with complimentarily placed color and little movement rather than flashy, active lighting cues. Lighting fixtures also had to fit discreetly into the room.

Jeremy comments, “Since lighting fixtures had to be out of sight at this years CLIO awards, we flew a large oval truss into an oval shaped recess in the ceiling. Fixture size was definitely an issue because of the low trim height so we decided to try the new Entours instead of MAC 2000s. We were incredibly pleased at the way these performed.

“In years past MAC 2000s were used to light the set and we were worried that the Entours wouldn´t have the punch - we were wrong. I used color on the scenery and occasionally used breakups for walk-ins and scenery. What an incredible light in a small package. Everyone had spoken so highly about the Entour’s speed, but no one mentioned its superb optics, and some fantastic gobos in the static wheel.”