Faith Placed in Martin MAC Luminaires at Faithless Concert

July 20, 2010

While leading politicians and authoritative experts gathered in St. Petersburg, Russia for the International Economic Forum to focus on the problems faced by emerging economies and to discuss laying the foundation for the future, Faithless, the British electronica band, entertained the masses.

The main rental company in the area, Euroshow, organized the event, which took place on June 17th. To create the dynamic effects desired, Euroshow chose to work with Martin Professional’s MAC 401 Dual™, MAC 301 Wash™, and the power-packed MAC 700 Profile™ luminaires, as well as Martin LC Plus™ LED panels, indicating that they have been working with Martin equipment for a long time and completely trust its capabilities.

Martin Professional extends a reliable hand in partnership
Euroshow was busy multi-tasking; arranging for such things as advertisement, security, transportation, hotels, and meals, along with executing preparation of the vastly attended Faithless concert. This necessitated efficiency and cooperation when installing the lighting equipment as requested in the performer’s rider.

Alexander Blednykh, owner of Euroshow, explains, “It was Martin equipment that performed the main role in the lighting decoration of the event. Martin is a good and reliable partner. Their technical solutions for lighting projects are innovative and their equipment is high quality.

“Martin fixtures are a substantial part of many performers’ riders and we are always prepared and equipped to supply them. Also worth mentioning is the high level of technical support we receive from Martin. So it is no wonder that we chose these fixtures for our rental stock.”

MAC LED washlights come to the rescue like knights in shining armour
Lighting designers had a tricky obstacle to overcome in that the concert fell during the season of the midnight sun, a time known as the White Nights, the period around the summer solstice where at high latitudes the sun does not set deep enough for the sky to get dark. Blednykh describes it as a beautiful phenomenon as long as you are not worried about casting light on performers on a stage.

To overcome the challenge, lighting designers chose the brilliant light of two Martin LED moving heads, the MAC 301 Wash and the MAC 401 Dual. The MAC 301 is the brightest LED moving head in its class with a powerfully fast zoom and outstanding RGB color mixing. The MAC 401 Dual features fully blended color mixing, individual LED segment control and a linear zoom. Both luminaires have proven quite popular on the touring circuit.

Blednykh exclaimed, “We were aware of the extreme brightness of Martin fixtures so we hoped that they would perform correspondingly. The result was great. Martin equipment helped us to create the wonderful lighting decorations for the concert. All the fixtures performed very well in the difficult environment. Most of all we liked the brilliant light of MAC 401. It is incredible.”

The Martin lights were rigged upstage to backlight the performers as well as overhead to wash the stage with color.

LC Series enhances visual vibrations
Martin’s 2140 LC Plus LED panels provided a backdrop displaying a multitude of graphics and images, augmenting the visual effects at Faithless’ concert. The LC is an extremely bright video source and is clearly visible in daylight, making it suitable for large-scale and outdoor productions; another fine choice given the lighting challenges presented at the show. Additionally, the LED panels are semi-transparent and modular for greater creative possibilities; they are also extremely lightweight and easy to assemble, making them an appealing choice for touring.

Flawless functionality
Blednykh reports, “We did not experience any difficulties during the installation and during the event as well. The fixtures performed superiorly so that we could give this gorgeous event to St. Petersburg and enjoy the result. Once again, Martin proved its high level of functionality, quality and reliability”.

Martin Equipment:
10 x MAC 401 Dual™
25 x Atomic 3000™
34 x MAC 700 Profile™
28 x MAC 2000 Wash™
30 x Martin LC Series™ 2140
30 x MAC 301 Wash™