Finland’s Giggling Marlin Jyväskylä a Martin Total Supplier Install

Finland’s Giggling Marlin Jyväskylä a Martin Total Supplier Install

October 04, 2005

With seven clubs spread across Finland, Giggling Marlin is one of the most successful nightclub chains in the country, and most likely the chain with the most unique name. Giggling Marlin’s success stems from a variety of good music and a light show to remember says Giggling’s manager Mikko Seppänen.

Following the success of a Giggling Marlin club in the town of Joensuu (outfitted with 4 MAC 300 washlights, 4 RoboScan Pro 918 scanners and Marin Magnum Pro 2000 smoke machines), it was decided to equip Giggling Marlin Jyväskylä with a Martin Total Supplier package of Martin lighting, Mach sound and Jem smoke. All Martin gear was supplied by Lightinen Ltd, Martin Scandinavia’s sole dealer in Finland, with lighting and sound design by Markku Rasijärvi and programming by Jesse Tikkala.

Located in Jyväskylä’s town center, the 1200 capacity Giggling Marlin Jyväskylä is made up of four independent rooms, each featuring a different type of music. The main area features Club, R&B and Main Street (new disco); another plays traditional Finnish pop; another live pop bands; and lastly an area for 80’s disco. Each area has its own bar and DJ.

Mach speakers make up both the main and background sound systems in the club. The main dance floor sound comes courtesy of 2 Mach M182i subs to create a powerful yet smooth base line on the floor. At the top end there was no better choice than 4 Mach C-Range CM18 medium throw speakers for clear sound powerful enough to fill the dance floor. The main dance floor sound is processed through the Mach M20.06 processor.

In the 80’s disco area are Mach M182i subs together with 4 Mach C-Range CM18s. In the Finnish pop area are M151i subs together with C-Range CN12 near field speakers and a Mach M20.04 processor. Used for background sound throughout are 40 Mach C-Range C18 speakers controlled via an M20.06 processor.

On the lighting side Giggling Marlin owners were looking to create a powerful feel with multiple colors and fast movement. They were also looking for versatility as they wanted the lighting system to provide theatrical effects for the large variety of shows the club supports. The club’s lighting gear includes 6 MAC 300 washlights, 10 RoboScan Pro 918 scanners and a pair of Wizard Extreme effects with control is from a PC-based Martin LightJockey. Atmospheric fog effects and the mid-air projection canopy come courtesy of 3 Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass foggers.