Fort Saint Jean

Fort Saint Jean

October 14, 2013

Marseille being the European Capital of Culture for 2013, the French ministry of Culture has decided to return the famous Fort Saint Jean to its former glory. This emblematic monument, located at the entrance of the Vieux Port, has been entirely renovated to be integrated in the museographic entity of the MuCEM.

This renovation, both of the structure and the landscape, has created, with success, many different gardens of Mediterranean styles at the very heart of this historical military monument. The audience is invited to wander the many ramparts and squares of the Fort to discover plants and trees that compose the Mediterranean landscapes.

To continue this walk after nightfall, Agence Lumière as worked on a scenography, putting into perspective the different parts of the fort.
Régis Clouzet, senior lighting designer and owner of Agence Lumière, explains his goals: “The main issue is to offer the visitors, after dusk, a qualitative reading, aesthetical and functional, allowing the Fort Saint Jean to become a new living space and a night-time walk area in Marseille. Thus, we have thought our lighting scenography with this aim in mind, based on the landscape design made by APS.”

Agence Lumière worked with Martin to bring the dynamic aspect of the scenography: “the light changes during the evening. At night fall, it is a moonlight that surrounds slowly the Fort. First a warm white takes over the sun light that shines on the whole area. Then, unnoticeably, an intermediate white let a more bluish light arise, that gives the moonlight effect. On the impressive Place d’Armes or in the Cour de la Commande, the lights add some texture, playing with shadows and contrasts. It gives the illusion that the ground is moving, vibrating.”
The Exterior 400 Image Projector from Martin Professional create this effect thanks to their rotating gobo and color wheels in addition to their focus. The seven 50W white LED are powerful enough (7000 lm) to guarantee a real visual impact despite the simultaneous use of gobos and color filters.

In addition to this permanent scenography, the use of Exterior 410, Tripix Wash and Tripix 1200, help the monument to become a welcoming area for different kinds of event. Régis tells us more about it : “During cultural events, this slowly-moving lighting is being changed to a more festive ambiance. When the Fort is celebrating, the light does too! Thanks to dynamic scenario, it adapts by proposing colored and symbolic night sceneries. A series of light tableaux – called festive – give the possibility to answer to the multiple cultural events organized by the MuCEM inside the Fort (cinema, concerts…).”

Products :
- 17 x Exterior 400 IP
- 6 x Exterior 410
- 13 x Tripix Wash
- 11 x Tripix 1200

Team :
- Contractor : French Ministry of Culture
- Contractor mandatory : OPPIC
- Landscape designer : APS agency
- Lighting designer : L’Agence Lumière
- Study office : Sitétudes Marseille
- Installer : CITEOS/SANTERNE Marseille
- Technical partner for installation : Lumitech
- Technical partner for control system : Lumières Utiles