Harman brands unite to power up Dierks Bentley on RISER TOUR

Harman brands unite to power up Dierks Bentley on RISER TOUR

June 23, 2014

Country music star Dierks Bentley is currently on his 2014 RISER TOUR. On tour with Bentley is an impressive Harman lighting and audio solution. Video Equipment Rentals (VER) is supplying the audio reinforcement system featuring JBL’s VTX line arrays and Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers, and Christie Lites is providing a full Martin rig for the dynamic lighting system, headed by MAC Quantum fixtures.

On the lighting side, Chris Reade, Dierks Bentley’s Lighting Designer, uses Martin’s MAC 2000 Wash, MAC 700 Profile, MAC Viper Profile, MAC Aura and MAC Quantum Wash, all provided by Rod “Red” Gibson of Christie Lites. The Lighting Crew Chief is Marc “Chainsaw” Wuchter and the Production Designer is Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc.

Reade mentioned that he was impressed right away with the MAC Quantum after seeing it at the LDI trade show in Las Vegas in November, and decided he wanted to make it the workhorse in his rig. Reade said:

“The Quantum has powerful looks that can be used in a dramatic fashion. This fantastic set and video design by Bruce Rogers has big rock and roll features, but also some subtle theatrical elements as well. It was fun to work together with Bruce, and together make the complete design with the Quantums in mind.”

Reade continued:

“The Quantum light has a lot of effect possibilities and narrowing it down to get powerful, unique looks, without overdoing it was a challenge. I believe effects are more powerful if they are not used over and over throughout a show.”

Gibson added:

“The Quantum is a great pairing with the Viper because the output is amazing, and after I showed Reade the fixture at LDI, we immediately found a way to incorporate it into his design. Reade and the Dierks Bentley tour have been great, loyal clients. We work well together and I always try to provide him with the latest products. I gave him the Auras a couple years ago and then the Vipers last year, and I’m proud to say that he is now one of the first persons on tour with the Quantums!”

Reade mentioned that the MAC Viper is a powerhouse, being extremely bright and very fast with great optics and color mixing; it’s his number one choice.

Reade also said he enjoys the MAC Auras as well and typically uses them in groups to add to the effect, while the MAC 700 Profile is used for front key lights to provide a great look. He also uses the standard MAC 2k Wash for color wash and punchy stabs when they are zoomed in.

Adding to this, Reade states:

“The reactions have been amazing. Everything came together really well between all the departments, it was a great collaborative effort. I think we’ve been able to create something powerful and unique, and I’m really proud to be a part of this. I think the Quantums get a great reaction from the audience when they go from being used as a wash light to then being used as an effect. It’s pretty cool and unexpected and to be able to quickly transform from one type to another is pretty incredible.”

About the collaboration with Martin Professional, Gibson said:

“The support from Martin has been outstanding. Grif Palmer was a huge help in making sure we had the Quantums in time for the start of the tour, and we couldn’t be happier!”

The audio system features a left-right hang of JBL VTX V25 line array loudspeakers with VTX S28 subwoofers in cardioid configuration. For side fill, VER has supplied V25 loudspeakers along with G28 ground-stacked subwoofers. Powering the V25 loudspeakers are Crown I-Tech 4x3500 HD amplifiers, with I-Tech 12000 HD amps powering the subwoofers. 


Photography: Tim Duggan