Continues Expansion, Exclusively Installing Martin Lighting Fixtures In Venues Across United States Continues Expansion, Exclusively Installing Martin Lighting Fixtures In Venues Across United States

October 24, 2013

With 17 locations across five states, hosts more than 50,000 attendees a week during high-intensity services, complete with house bands and exciting sermons. The majority of the 165 services per week throughout are lit with HARMAN’s Martin lighting fixtures. Steinas Systems continues to provide with its lighting gear for a full inventory of lighting and a backup supply to keep the services bright, both in person and online.

“Our services are eye-catching from both the audience and technical side. The worship music portion of our services is similar to what someone would experience at a concert,” states Greg Bacus, Central Team Leader of Technology, “With Martin, we’re able to deliver what we need for each service in each location, providing a fixture that’s superior quality, cutting edge, and at a price point affordable for houses of worship. By standardizing all of our worship sites with an arsenal of Martin, we can facilitate addressing any down fixtures immediately.” uses a vast amount of Martin fixtures, including the RUSH series, MAC 101’s, MAC 250’s, MAC 600’s, MAC Manias and Wizards, and Tripix, among others. Six of the facilities also boast HARMAN’s JBL VRX line array elements for sound reinforcement: Tulsa, Fort Worth, Keller, South Oklahoma City , Northwest Oklahoma City and Studio B at its Central Offices. has 12 venues in Oklahoma, two in Texas, one in Tennessee, one in upstate New York, and one in Florida. Per campus, the technical team uses approximately 30 Martin lighting fixtures, resulting in over 500 active lights, with a va amount of spare pieces ready to be deployed in the case of a failed unit. The church’s “hub and spoke” model allows for immediate response and swap on a downed fixture.

The dynamic church services also integrate video throughout all locations.

“There is a relationship between a manufacturer and the end-user, and Martin’s attention to the house of worship market’s needs sets them apart from others,” continued Bacus. “The difference was clear before and after we decided to work with Martin years ago. The efficiency of the fixtures in power, affordability and standardization are impressive and help make our services visually engaging.”

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