, “One Church, Multiple Locations”, “One Church, Multiple Locations”

November 02, 2007

Founded in 1996, has grown to become one of the most influential churches in America. is a dynamic group of almost 21,000 people that gathers each week at twelve different locations across the United States (The vision is for 50 locations in five years). Satellite broadcasts enable all of their locations to be connected, thus their motto ‘One Church, Multiple Locations.’

“Each location has a full staff and a worship team that is very contemporary, like a rock band,” says Phil Rapp, Central Technical Director at “The teaching is very relevant to every day life and is fed over satellite to each location. Putting it simply, we will do anything short of sin to see people come to know life in Christ!”

Understanding the needs of church ministry
Currently, owns over 250 intelligent lighting fixtures from five different manufacturers. “With the vision of 50 in 5, we decided that we needed to consolidate our inventory to one manufacturer,” Phil states. “After a great deal of consideration, we selected Martin for several reasons. Martin’s wide range of product and continual efforts put into research and development made them ideal for our ever changing needs and thirst for creativity. The ability to have great cutting edge quality, reliability and availability of product at short notice, and still remain cost effective was crucial to the vision for our church.

“The fact that Martin opened a division of the company for the sole purpose of servicing churches told us that their commitment to our needs was more than just about selling us product. Their staff has shown an understanding of the needs of church ministry. Brad Haynes with Martin has always been available and has been great at helping to provide solutions in every area. We are now working on plans to phase out all of the other manufacturers and replace them with Martin fixtures.”

Experience Room and Toon Town
Two of’s most recent locations are in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Northwest Oklahoma City. Each venue houses identical lighting rigs with two rooms at each location featuring Martin lighting: the Main Experience Room (sanctuary) and Toon Town, a LifeKids room.

The Experience Rooms each include 4 downstage MAC 600E washlights used for color washes; 2 MAC 550 profile spots out front as spot lights and other effects. “The zoom in these makes them ideal for lighting the lead singer and solos around the stage like follow spots.”; 4 MAC 300 washlights upstage for back lighting; 4 MAC 250 Entours on stage for effects; 4 MX-10 scanners upstage on trusses for effects; and a Jem ZR24/7 Hazer.

The Toon Town rooms use 4 MX-10s hung overhead to add atmosphere and energy to the space. The lobby in Stillwater also has four Martin Mania effect lights, one shining a logo on the floor and the others for signage.

“The real trick with these stages is that they were designed to use only intelligent lighting, no conventionals were installed,” Phil explains. “Given that fact and that the house lights are always down during worship, the lighting is crucial to every aspect of the program. The variety and versatility of the Martin fixtures have given us the flexibility that we need. The real standouts have been the Entours. The brightness and effects that we have been able to get from them rival that of fixtures from other manufacturers that are twice the price.”

Phil is currently in the process of replacing the 550s with more Entours and the Toon Town systems with Mania SCX600 scanners and Martin 2510 playback controllers. “The reasons are twofold,” he says. “The 550s and MX-10s are being sent to one of our newest campuses in Wellington, Florida where they fit their needs better than where the fixtures are today. The SCX600 systems are being installed in all of our Toon Town rooms for cost reasons as well as ease of use for the volunteers who are operating the systems.”

All of the Martin gear for the campuses is supplied by Integrity Lighting of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Phil says that the owner, Steve Nance, has always been a great supporter of the ministry and currently programs for four of their locations.