Liseberg Wheel:  Martin Lighting Reveals Classic Theme Park Ride

Liseberg Wheel: Martin Lighting Reveals Classic Theme Park Ride

November 16, 2012

View the dynamic illumination of the Liseberg Wheel here.

Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden, maintains its position as one of Europe's top amusement parks by offering a steady stream of new attractions while keeping the visual look of the park engaging and fresh. Dynamic lighting schemes from Martin Professional play a key role by creating an exciting nighttime experience.

One of the park’s newest attractions is the Liseberg Wheel, a classic Ferris wheel ride that gives visitors a majestic look over the park and city as the newest feature in the Gothenburg nighttime sky. Used to illuminate the legs, spokes and carriages of the Wheel in dazzling color is the latest in Martin Professional LED-based lighting. Martin worked closely with Liseberg throughout the project from idea, visualization and product choice to demonstration, installation and final realization.

“When moving the giant Wheel from its earlier position by the harbor to its new permanent location in the park, it was extremely important that we created a very visual experience,” says Liseberg Group President and CEO Andreas Andersen of the Ferris wheel, now visible from the city center. “The Wheel is our shop window to the city – and a new landmark in Gothenburg, which is why lighting it effectively was essential. Martin Professional made it possible for us to do that.”

Three-layered lighting
The illumination scheme for the Liseberg Wheel is made up of three layers of dynamic lighting: a general color wash, pixel dot twinkle effects and moving graphic projection.

Used to decorate the Wheel in an energy-efficient wash of color are LED-based Martin Exterior 400 and Exterior 410 luminaires mounted on four free-standing poles and at the base of each of eight support legs. Part of Martin’s award-winning Exterior 400 Range, the IP65-rated luminaires emit over 5000 lumens of light yet operate at a low 139 watts of power.

“Energy consumption is something we always try to minimize,” Andreas says, adding that Liseberg’s environmental certification was an important factor in choosing energy-efficient fixtures like the Exterior 400 and Exterior 410

Lining each spoke on each side of the ride is 600 color-changing VC-Dot 4 LEDs. Fully weatherproofed, these individually controllable strings of RGB pixel dots add a beautiful sparkle to the Wheel and can work independently or in color unison with the Exterior fixtures.

As a final layer of lighting, 1200 W Martin Exterior 1200 Image Projector located on the poles together with the Exterior 400s and 410s, are used as ground light to cast color and moving graphics onto the spokes and center of the Ferris wheel. The fixture’s gobo animation allows for flowing projection of customized textures and effects, creating additional movement across the Wheel.

The customizable characteristics of the dynamic lighting system allow for a variety of tailored looks and expressions and can easily change to cater to any occasion, including special designs at holiday time such as the upcoming Christmas season.

Lighting design was a cooperative effort between Liseberg’s creative director, David Schofield, and company Mediatec, lighting supplier and systems integrator on the project. The Liseberg Wheel is just the latest in a string of attractions at the park with Martin lighting solutions, many completed in close cooperation with Mediatec.

Martin has enjoyed a strong cooperative relationship with Liseberg for years, a working partnership that stretches back to 2002’s color changing illumination scheme for Balder roller coaster, an installation that is still operative. AtmosFear, the tallest free fall attraction in Europe, is also illuminated using Martin Exterior outdoor LED wash lights and on Liseberg’s main performance stage, Stora Scenen, Martin entertainment series fixtures provide dynamic visuals for all types of performers.