MAC Quantum Wash and MAC Viper Quadrays power up Royal Blood world tour

March 25, 2015

Martin products involved
MAC Quantum Wash, 8 pcs. 
MAC Viper Quadray, 6 pcs.
Atomic Colors, 12 pcs.

Royal Blood, Winners of the Brit Awards, Best British Group in 2015, have taken MAC Quantum Washes, MAC Viper Quadrays and Atomic Colors with them on their recently started world tour.

Lighting Designer Sam O’Riordan is using MAC Quantum Washes for powerful side lighting of the band with intense whites to saturated colours, including deep oranges and ambers that are difficult for normal LED fixtures to color mix to. O’Riordan also uses the accurate CTC (colour temperature control) from 2,700 K for warming skin tones and up to 10,000 K for intense cold looks that match the Atomic strobes using Martin's innovative built-in extended color mode, now also featured on the MAC Aura XB. The MAC Viper Quadrays create a powerful and unique multi-beam effect using the easily fitted Quadray accessory on the MAC Viper AirFX, with built-in macros for easy programming and multiple instant looks including rays and fingers of light.

Sam O’Riordan, Lighting Designer said:
“I was first introduced to the MAC Quantum Washes on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury with Crystal Fighters and Royal Blood. I was amazed by the output, the LED mixing at source and the fantastic LED white and CTO spectrum with a really impressive zoom range. It's doing its job as side lighting perfectly on this tour."

"I'm also a big fan of the MAC Viper series. The optics and output – especially on the Viper Performance – is outstanding. I specified the MAC Viper Quadray as it incorporates a lot of what I like about the Viper Performance, along with the Quadray beamshaper effects that I had never seen before."

Lighting Designer Sam O’Riordan
Lighting by Siyan
Siyan Project Manager Ben Inskip
Production Manager Phil Jones
Photo credit: David Stewart