MAC Viper AirFX Lights Offer Batyr Nightclub versatility and high efficiency

MAC Viper AirFX Lights Offer Batyr Nightclub versatility and high efficiency

May 20, 2015

Russian nightclub and karaoke bar Batyr has everything needed to turn an ordinary evening into a remarkable experience: a high-energy environment, talented resident DJs, a fantastic sound system and Martin Professional lighting equipment. In November 2014, the club’s resident Lighting Designer and winner of Martin’s 2013 Russian Lighting Designer Contest, Artem Sagaidak, tested a pair of Martin MAC Viper AirFX lighting fixtures and Quadray kits over two nights with great success.

Sagaidak first encountered the AirFXs at a Martin seminar in Moscow. As a fan of mid-air effects, he immediately wanted to test these fixtures in a club. He reached out to Martin product manager Anton Anufriey and with his support, a short-term loan was arranged for the following weekend – a disco night and a party titled “This City Does Not Sleep.” Sagaidak also regularly uses his personal M2GO during shows at Batyr. he said:
“I added a pair of wash lights to the rig for versatility, which created more dynamic looks. Since all the devices involved offer CMY color mixing, they naturally complemented each other.”

Sagaidak’s lighting those two nights provided a memorable experience for partygoers and impressed Batyr’s management team, which is considering purchasing AirFXs for temporary installation.

Sagaidak is particularly pleased with the fixtures’ zoom capabilities. He explained:
“MAC Viper AirFXs are effective in both programming and performance. Between the zoom, optics, and a broad array of gobos, they have everything for any venue! You can easily create unique mid-air effects or get an excellent wash light, combining the wide zoom and CMY.”

Even before nightfall, when Sagaidak’s party duties begin, his fondness for the AirFX is unmistakable. He claimed:  
“Time slips away when programming the AirFXs. I remember sitting down just after lunch having so much fun swapping different gobos, mixing colors in CMY, splitting beams with the prism, using the iris and zoom. And then suddenly I realized that it was already dark outside!”

Martin equipment

  • MAC Viper AirFX, 2 pcs.
  • M2GO
  • Jem AF-1 MkII, 2 pcs.
  • Magnum Club Smoke System, 1 x pc.