Martin by HARMAN Shines On Miss Iowa 2016

Martin by HARMAN Shines On Miss Iowa 2016

August 24, 2016

RUSH MH 7 Hybrid fixtures enable Top-Notch Productions to deliver a perfect blend of drama and energy at this year’s pageant competition

Top-Notch Productions, Inc. recently deployed an array of Martin by HARMAN RUSH MH 7 Hybrid fixtures to bring new energy and excitement to the 2016 Miss Iowa competition. For this year’s event, organizers wanted to increase the production value, so local audio and visual event company Top-Notch Productions signed on to provide and manage the stage lighting for the event. Top-Notch Productions selected the Martin fixtures for their creative versatility, energy efficiency, looks and vibrant color profile.

“Martin has always been my go-to fixture, and I’ve always loved using their products,” said Jesse Snyder, Senior Production Manager at Top-Notch Productions. “I was really impressed by the MH 7s—the brightness was excellent, and the colors were deep and true.”

The 2016 Miss Iowa competition was held in the historic Adler Theatre in downtown Davenport with more than 1,500 in attendance. The Miss Iowa competition is the official preliminary for the state of Iowa in the Miss America Pageant, and the winner receives a college scholarship and the opportunity to compete in the national competition. Over the course of the three-day event, 17 young women from across the state of Iowa competed for the title. The Martin RUSH MH7 Hybrid fixtures enabled Top-Notch Productions to heighten the anticipation and drama throughout the competition.

“In the past, the organizers never had the ability to use lighting to add energy or seriousness to different segments of the competition,” said Snyder. “For the evening gown segment, they wanted a pretty and elegant presentation. For the opening segments, they wanted high energy. And when the competition was down to the final two contestants, they wanted to increase the drama. The versatility of the MH 7s really allowed us to deliver the appropriate atmosphere for each different segment.”

Energy efficiency was also a key concern, and the efficient output of the RUSH MH 7 fixtures enabled Top-Notch Productions to power the lights using just two 20-amp circuits.

“We actually do a lot of work in small theatres and college auditoriums, and they don’t always have a high-amperage company tie in,” Snyder explained. “The Martin fixtures enabled me to keep the power consumption down and run an entire truss of lights on a single L14-20 breakout. With other fixtures, I can barely run two lights with the same setup.”

The Martin RUSH MH 7 Hybrid is an all-in-one beam, spot and wash moving head with class-leading optics and a zoom system that allows designers maximum flexibility from the high-energy dance floor to performing arts spaces, all within an affordable price bracket. The RUSH MH 7 Hybrid features sharp, crisp optics with a powerful zoom that ranges from a smooth 45° wash to a punchy 2.2° beam. The Philips Platinum 11R 250W 7800 K lamp contributes to the RUSH MH 7 Hybrid’s impressive output. The fixture features 8 rotating/indexing and 12 static gobos, 10 selectable colors, and exciting beam effects from its 8-facet circular and 4-facet linear prisms.