Martin Exterior 1200 IP™ Lights Iconic Tivoli Carousel

Martin Exterior 1200 IP™ Lights Iconic Tivoli Carousel

April 20, 2009

Lighting has always been an important aspect of the visual experience at world famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. From amusement rides to well-tended gardens, attractive, carefully harmonized lighting schemes add an enhancing element to the visitor’s experience.

Award-winning architectural lighting design firm Focus Lighting Inc. of New York City was asked to create lighting designs for some of Tivoli’s most popular rides. “Tivoli felt that three of the rides were not as beautiful and iconic as they could be,” says Focus Lighting’s Christine Hope, who worked with project team members Brett Andersen and Jeff Shepherd on the designs. Principal at Focus Lighting is Paul Gregory.

Taking flight
One of those rides is Himmelskibet – or Star Flyer – a celestial-themed attraction and the world's tallest carousel at 80 meters. Himmelskibet, which opened at Tivoli in May 2006, is a combination observation ride and classic swing carousel whose 70 km/hr speed gives thrill seekers the feeling of flying.

“Our design concept was to light Himmelskibet in a way that actually evoked the movement of the ride itself,” Hope states. “Our goal was to have a person who was looking at it from afar feel the same sense of movement and excitement that someone riding it would experience.”

Exterior 1200 Image Projector
Focus turned to the Martin Exterior 1200 Image Projector (IP), a powerful 1200 W luminaire with full color mixing and animation systems, to light the tower in a variety of textures, moving effects and color. The Exterior 1200 IP is the recent recipient of a 2009 Lighting Design Award.

“The Exterior 1200 Image Projector helps to make Himmelskibet stand out in Copenhagen’s skyline, creating a defining symbol for the city and for Tivoli Gardens. The powerful lights help bring out the intricate structure of the huge tower in a unique way with ever-changing color and patterns.

“The movement of the arms up and down the tower accentuates the motion of the ride by allowing the light to travel further up the tower and different points along the ride,” Hope explains. “A rugged fixture with high output, seamless CMY mixing, and a variable beam angle was critical to make this element a success.”

The Exterior 1200 IP fixtures are arranged in three clusters of two fixtures apiece, spaced roughly evenly in a circular perimeter around the ride tower to provide color changing frontlight. The fixture groupings are integrated with surrounding architecture, such as large planters, or mounted onto nearby rooftops. Three fixtures light the top portion of the tower and three the bottom.

Jonathan Gress Wright, architect designer at Tivoli and project manager on Himmelskibet, was instrumental in the decision to illuminate the ride in a new scheme. He commented, “We wanted movement on the ride itself as well as light on the structure in the evening as a kind of accent lighting and required a slow moving light. We chose the Exterior 1200 IP because it’s the only lamp we know of that gives some kind of movement outdoors for an architectural fixture. With the effect and animation wheel, it gives a vibrant movement.”

Exterior 600
Martin Exterior 600 luminaires – weatherproofed, 575 W color changers inherited from a previous Tivoli project – are mounted close to the base of the ride and used to provide color-changing uplight at a tight grazing angle to give the tower truss an extra layer of depth and color. A single 150 W Exterior 200 is used to project light downwards onto the staircase leading to the ride. Mounted on the arms of the ride are LED lights.

Supplied by Martin Scandinavia, the Martin Exteriors were installed in November of 2008 and debuted over the Christmas season. Himmelskibet will operate for the summer season starting in April. Programming includes special lighting scenes for the summer, Halloween (when the ride’s golden globe is replaced by a pumpkin), and Christmas seasons.

Tivoli Illuminations
Tivoli Illuminations, a multi-sensory show at Tivoli Lake that features fountains, multi-colored lights and lasers, fire elements, smoke, and sound, and a favorite park attraction, was rejuvenated last year with new Martin lighting gear, along with a new storyboard and music composed especially for the show.

The storyboard for the new show was created by Danish company ParkMen, who also handled lighting programming. The ten minute long show is based on a Greek mythology theme and debuted midsummer night 2008. Visitors delight each evening in what is truly a show for the senses. Projecting displays of changing color from along the banks of the lake are Martin MAC 700 Profile moving heads in protection domes while atmospheric haze from Jem ZR 33 Hi-Mass smoke machines in custom boxes enhances the ambiance.

“The intelligent capabilities of the MAC 700s allow us to run differing lighting schemes,” says Helgi Sigurdsson, Production Manager/Technical Director at Tivoli. “The show is dominated by fountains and lasers but we use the MAC 700’s CMY color mixing to illuminate the trees around the lake in order to set the overall mood. At certain points in the show we turn them to light the fountains and use some of the other effects, for example strobe when there is action in the music.”

Technical aspects of the Tivoli Illuminations show was handled by Swedish company Informationsteknik. Tivoli Illuminations runs once a night during the summer season, just before Tivoli closes. During the Christmas season, the show runs four times a day.