Martin Proud Sponsor of Lights in Alingsås 2010

December 01, 2010

Late in September, six international lighting designers came to the small city of Alingsås in Sweden to participate in the traditional PLDA workshop, Lights in Alingsås, which has grown over the past decade to become the largest exhibition of lighting design in public spaces in Northern Europe.

Together with more than 50 participants from 17 different nations, the workshop heads created unique examples of urban lighting design and light art, as dark evenings and outdoor environments in and around Alingsås were transformed into exciting lighting design installations.

The six lighting workshops were presented in various locations throughout the town from September 24th until the end of October. Martin Professional was a proud sponsor of two of the workshops.

The pedestrian underpass - Karen van Creveld / PLDA / UK
Martin Extube™

Most underpasses look frightening and unpleasant and users seldom feel safe when moving through them, especially at night. Karen’s group chose a concept that represents feelings of warmth and home.

The group used UV-paint to create wavy lines on the underpass walls then projected UV-light to bring the lines to life as ripples of water. On the ground was projected blue light, representing water, and yellow light on the walls, for its warmth. The result was an inviting place, where people no longer rushed through but slowed their pace and stayed for a moment.

Karen’s group commended the Extube’s easy-to-use, click together system and the integrated driver which kept the installation neat, compact and straightforward. The optics were described as “excellent” with a good wide beam and even spread with color mixing that was immediate and smooth.

The canal and bridges - Deike Canzler / Sweden
Martin Exterior 400 Range™

Väveribron, an old bridge in the center of Alingsås, is located next to a former clothes factor. Years ago, dye-waste from the clothes factory was drained off into the river and dyed the river different colors.

Deike and her team based their concept on reflections of the past, with colors flowing into the river at regular intervals. The trees next to Väveribron were illuminated in subtle colors with lighting triggered by the movements of pedestrians and cars passing by. Deike’s team praised the Exterior 400 for its good range of colors and smooth programming.

Photos: Patrik Gunnar Helin -