Martin Visuals a Dynamic Draw at Florida’s Bank Atlantic Center

Martin Visuals a Dynamic Draw at Florida’s Bank Atlantic Center

March 26, 2010

The Bank Atlantic Center (BAC) in Sunrise, Florida is using dynamic visuals from Martin Professional enhance the fan experience and expand the venue’s marketing platform with the added benefits of attracting larger crowds and ultimately greater revenue.

BAC is a state-of-the-art, 20,000 seat capacity arena that is home to the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League, as well as the Lingerie Football League’s Miami Caliente. The venue also hosts a number of exciting events every year.

Entertainment competition
The expanding cost of stadiums and arenas necessitates keeping the seats full by maximizing the marketability of a venue. But with other high profile teams like the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, Miami Heat and several top college teams in the region, not to mention great weather and endless beaches, BAC has a lot of competition for the entertainment dollar.

“Martin solutions give us digital applications that are both innovative and unique,” states Pedro Goncalves, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at BankAtlantic Center. “The Martin lighting package gives us flexibility in game presentation and in the way we activate our sponsorship packages and marketing campaigns.”

Maximizing marketability
Dynamic visuals are increasingly being incorporated into modern stadiums and arenas in order to create more enjoyable, engaging and memorable entertainment experiences. Dynamic visuals are also an effective way to maximize the marketability of a venue by increasing corporate brand recognition and highlighting sponsors.

“The Martin package gives us two main applications,” Goncalves outlines. “First, our game presentation and fan engagement is exponentially increased through additional energy and a more accommodating environment.

“Second, it’s a new component that allows us to maintain creativity in our partnerships and opens up new revenue streams. Any time you show a potential partner how they can directly attract a consumer you are going to make an impression. From a sponsorship standpoint, we can be more creative and introduce new assets to our marketing partners that are more engaging than a static sign. It enables us to underscore dynamic marketing messages and gives us versatility when projecting sponsor or vendor logos.”

Game on
Used in a variety of ways and purposes, the dynamic visual solutions from Martin are incorporated in and outside the arena bowl. Automated moving head luminaires are used to sweep the ice in design patterns for player introductions and more sweeps are triggered when a goal is scored; lights are used for audience ballyhoos and audience color washes; and certain areas of the arena, such as the cheerleader platform, are spotlighted in light, color or pattern. Martin video panels are used for messaging or crowd prompts (get on your feet! make some noise!) and are used to project sponsor or vendor logos (merchandise item of the game for example.)

The Panthers’ cheerleading squad, a dance team sponsored by restaurant group BOVA, performs on a special dance platform during play as well as on the ice during intermissions. Whereas previously the squad was only spotlighted, now they perform in front of a video panel background, with Martin LED lights and strobes providing decorative and energetic front light. Supportive graphical looks and sponsorship logos, including the BOVA logo, are projected when the cheerleaders perform on the ice.

As the Panther cheerleading team has just come out with their own calendar, which necessitates a number of offsite promotional events, the video panels’ light weight, and ease of assembly (and disassembly) allow them to be taken along as scenic support.

Rock the Rink
An energetic pregame sequence of visual effects includes effects from a Martin laser, which also provides support for an important marketing campaign, Rock the Rink, used during player intros and an opening video. Also used during player intros and when a goal is scored are powerful bursts of atmospheric fog courtesy of a Jem Hydra smoke system located at the base of the mid-arena scoreboard. Additional lighting sweeps add to the spirited atmosphere.

“I like to consider us the seventh man in the stands,” says Dennis Docil, Director of Game Presentation at BAC. “Without the visuals and the visual prompts the atmosphere wouldn’t be as effective. Our belief is if someone has a good time they will return. The Martin package allows us to create a great ambiance and support the excitement in the building.”

Out of the bowl
In the concourse area, soon to be installed Martin projectors will be used for sponsorship and vendor messaging. The solution provides greater versatility in messaging than static sign projection as each projector has interchangeable rotating graphics with interchangeable color filters.

Outside the arena, Martin visuals are used to promote events and partners or for specific messaging and impression. At the entrance, exterior solutions project the Panther logo onto the arena facade while the JetBlue logo, a new sponsor, is splayed across the tarmac, an unavoidable graphic as fans enter and exit. Color illumination is used in the outdoor plaza to create excitement, set the mood and brand the arena in team colors.

“We can customize the color to whatever the logo color is or change the mood for the holidays,” Docil states. “It allows us to be much more visually impactful.”

Visual value
The Martin dynamic visual package matches well the ‘youthful, confident and dynamic’ character of the Florida Panthers and projects an attractive and effective civic image for the venue.

Goncalves adds, “From the moment you park your car until you get to your seat we want you to be entertained - the Martin package lets us do that. It gives us the ability to communicate with our fans on a different level.

“Utilizing this technology gives people the feeling that, ‘hey, this is an exciting evening, there’s something cool going on’. It gives them value and enhances what we’re trying to do.”

Martin Equipment:
8 x Martin MAC III Profile™
25 x smartMAC
16 x LC Plus Series™ 2140
1 x P3-100 System Controller™
1 x Maxedia PRO™
12 x Martin Atomic 3000™
1 x RGB Laser 1.6™
2 x Exterior 1200 Profile™
8 x PAL 1200™
1 x Jem Hydra™ (8 heads)
1 x Jem Glaciator™
1 x Roadie Compact™
1 x LightJockey 2™