NS Home Shopping Delivers Visually Stunning Consumer Experiences with Martin by HARMAN Lighting Solutions

NS Home Shopping Delivers Visually Stunning Consumer Experiences with Martin by HARMAN Lighting Solutions

September 15, 2020

SEONGNAM-SI, South Korea—NS Home Shopping Co., Ltd. recently collaborated with Hansam System and HARMAN Professional Solutions to uprade the existing lighting systems in their broadcast studios.

NS Home Shopping is a popular home shopping channel on South Korean cable television. Its engaging shopping programs showcase curated collections of products, ranging from apparel and health food to agriculture and furniture. The company produces its original content in four professional studios located in their Seongnam-Si headquarters. In order to ensure visually engaging programs for its customers, NS Home Shopping hired leading provider Hansam System to upgrade its lighting system. Hansam System selected new Martin by HARMAN ELP CL ellipsoidal LED fixtures.

“NS Home Shopping’s broadcast facilities required a phenomenal lighting setup,” said Mr.Yongoh Lee, Sales Manager, Hansam System. “They were using conventional par fixtures previously, but wanted to implement ellipsoidal LED fixtures for their varied lighting effects and ability to suit the mood of a wide range of programs. NS had high standards regarding the durability, dimming accuracy, beam balance, quality of light, color and color-mixing of any potential solutions. Martin ELP fixtures satisfied their needs with dynamic performance and competitive pricing.”

Hansam System chose Martin ELP CL ellipisoidal LED fixtures for their high output, impressive brightness and vivid color-rending. The ELP fixtures produce balanced beam outputs, making blending and mixing between fixtures a simple task. Martin ELP fixtures can be seamlessly integrated with any industry-standard lens tube in 19-, 26-, 36- and 50-degree beam angles. Hansam System also included Martin ELP 36-degree lens tubes, allowing NS Home Shopping to utilize the ELP fixtures across a wide range of requirements, such as gobo projection, architectural lighting, art lighting and billboard lighting.  

“Because NS Home Shopping deals with a ride range of consumer products, we wanted the lighting solutions to be customizable for each product,” said Mr. Hoseok Lee, Lighting Director, NS Home Shopping. “We were very impressed by the world-class Martin ELP fixtures and Hansam System’s demonstrations. We’re delighted with the premium brightness and color rendering offered by the ELP CL fixtures.”

“The project at NS Home Shopping’s studios was a momentous occasion for both HARMAN and Hansam System,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “It marked the first time that ellipsoidal lighting solutions were used in Korean broadcasting. We’d like to thank Hansam System for their innovation, foresight and expertise.”