On The Rocks, British Columbia, Canada

On The Rocks, British Columbia, Canada

November 18, 2008

Club manager Todd Williams describes Canada’s On The Rocks Nightclub and Bar in Fort St. John, British Columbia as an uptown, big city themed club in a small town setting. That big city feel is due in large part to a Martin lighting effects package of smartMAC moving heads and Mania series effect lights, versatile color and graphics projectors that can transform any space into a big time club environment.

The venue, a former restaurant converted to nightclub use, lies in British Columbia’s sparsely populated north and features the biggest dance room in a 350 km radius.

Spaced evenly around the perimeter of a 21’ x 21’ truss suspended 16 feet above the club’s dance floor are Martin smartMACs™, Mania SCX600™ scanners and Mania EFX700™ and Mania EFX800™ effect lights. Surrounding a cluster of 17 mirror balls at the center of the truss are Atomic strobes and Mania EFX500™ effect lights.

Dispersed around the club’s ancillary areas and providing a unique splash of wall décor are Mania DC1™ water effects. A canopy of mid air haze and atmospheric fog is provided by a Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass™ fogger with lighting control for the system via a PC based Martin LightJockey. All Martin equipment was supplied by Martin's Canadian representative, Martin Canada.

“The Martin lighting was chosen because of my experience with the Martin line, and the unreal reliability of these fixtures,” Williams commented. “The smartMACs offer the best light output and the greatest movement for such a compact easy-to-service fixture. These light effects are so easy to use, set up and run.” In the future, Williams will be adding at least four more smartMACs to the rig because, as he says, “they are so cool.”

The smartMAC™ is a bright 150 W moving head profile luminaire with interchangeable dichroic colors and effects. It offers long service intervals, total silence and reduced power bills thanks to a unique fanless cooling system.

Logical choice
Dealer Pro Sound & Stage Lighting Ltd. of Langley, BC supplied the gear and completed the install over a 12 day period in early August. “The owners wanted a great club system and the logical choice was Martin lighting. Past experience with the Mania series gave me the confidence that they would provide great light output for both the dance floor and the wall lighting,” says Sam Scanlan of Pro Sound & Stage who designed the club’s lighting with product and design support from Martin’s Western Canadian representative Clayton Hubick.

Although a late addition to Scanlan’s design, the smartMACs play an integral role in shaping the club environment. “All I can say about them is WOW,” he says, “they are an exceptional light with outstanding output and color. They enable us to paint the walls with vivid color and really stand out and get noticed by the patrons of the club. They bring a big city feel to a small town club. The beam angle of the smartMAC’s really allowed us to get the largest image we could for the dance floor. The client is blown away by them.”

All comes together
Pro Sound & Stage acquire their Martin gear from Martin’s long time Canadian distributor, Erikson Pro / Martin Canada. Scanlan has high praise for them. “In the world of lighting I have found it more important to do business with a reliable supplier and Erikson Pro fits the bill. The fact that the Martin line-up provides exceptional value and performance is an added bonus. Our experience working with various lighting manufacturers has shown that over time Martin provides one of the best returns on investment for our clients, and should a problem arise they take care of it quickly and efficiently.”

Pro Sound and Stage technicians on the job were David Bleakney, Mat Radoszewski and Tim Doucet. Todd Williams was quite satisfied with the Pro Sound team. “The people at Pro Sound were very good at recommending quality products,” he stated. “I felt confident in the install team who went above the call of duty. They were organized and fully prepared to do the job even though they were 1250 kms away from their shop. When all was said and done they made an outstanding system that is simple to operate. We had an idea and they made it all come together.”

In conclusion, Williams comments, “A lot of people thought this venue was too much for this little town - everything from sound to lights - but I say go big or go home!”

Lighting Equipment:
4 x Martin smartMAC™
8 x Martin Mania SCX600™
4 x Martin Mania EFX500™
1 x Martin Mania EFX700™
1 x Martin Mania EFX800™
10 x Martin Mania DC1™
2 x Martin Atomic 3000™
1 x Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass™
1 x Martin LightJockey™