Panou S.A. Keeps Greek Club Scene Alight

December 21, 2004

Martin Professional’s exclusive distributor in Greece, Panou Audiovisual S. A., has supplied a bevy of Martin gear to a trio of top-notch clubs in the country. Working with their successful dealer Arc Innovations, Panou created a number of unique solutions for Bass, Zeros and Detail clubs using some of the latest Martin technology. Lighting design for all three clubs was completed by Mr. Sergiannidis, owner of Arc Innovations.

Bass Club
Panou supplied a Martin Total Club solution through dealer Arc Innovations to Bass Club in the busy port city of Argostoli on Kefalonia Island off of Greece’s west coast. Located at the site of a former movie theatre, Bass has been thoughtfully transformed into the island’s hottest dance club. As the client did not wish to see the transformation to a dance club affect the unique history of the building, Arc Innovations proposed an entertainment technology system that was sensitive to the unique character of the space.

Lighting effects include 10 MAC 250 Krypton moving heads, 32 CX-2 color changers, a pair of Wizard effect lights, an Atomic Colors strobe and 8 MX-10 scanners positioned on vertical poles that run the length of the room. A pair of Jem ZR 24/7 hazers provide the mid air projection canopy. Most of the fixtures are located on the ceiling in order to highlight the long configuration of the building with the remaining lights placed in the surrounding dance floor and DJ area.

Where the theatre’s large movie screen once stood now hangs a scenic star curtain with 2,500 meters of fiber optic cable powered by a pair of Martin FiberSource QFX 150 fiber optic illuminators. Lighting control at Bass is from a Martin 2532 controller and LightJockey operated from a Fingers control panel. Sound comes courtesy of a powerful Mach audio system of 8 M12T full-range speakers working with 6 M82i subs and 6 M218T frontloaded subwoofers. Video projection combines with the Martin package to successfully transform the movie theatre into a top-notch club while maintaining the historic atmosphere of the space.

Zeros Club
Zeros, on the popular island destination of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea, is perhaps the largest club off the western mainland of Greece. Open year round, Zeros is a dance environment that attracts young people from all over Europe, especially during the busy summer season. Boasting some 2,000 clubbers each night, it was a top priority for Panou dealer Arc Innovations.

As part of a recent renovation, a unique six-sided truss system loaded with Martin gear was installed: 8 MAC 250 Krypton profile spots, 12 RoboColor Pro 400 color changers and 6 CX-2 color changers. Lighting is projected onto specially made motorized curtains for extraordinary lighting effects. Other fixtures in the club include 2 FiberSource QFX 150 powering a unique fiber optic chandelier over the main bar area, 6 RoboScan 812 scanners, 4 MAC 300 washlights, 4 MiniMAC Profiles, 2 Wizard effect lights and an Atomic 3000 strobe.

Fog and haze effects come courtesy of a Martin Magnum Pro 2000 smoke machine, a dual headed Martin Magnum Club Smoke system and a pair of TechnoHaze. In combination with a flexible LightJockey control system and powerful loudspeaker system, the DJ promises and delivers a fascinating show.

Detail Club
Detail club in Aigio in the Greek Peloponnese is a multi-functional space that remains open more than 18 hours a day. As a result, Arc Innovation sought to create a bright and pleasant coffee lounge atmosphere from morning till afternoon while gradually turning the space into a bar for the evening hours.

The transformation was achieved by using two Martin Architectural Exterior 200 color changers on the venue’s white walls to create the various moods necessary. The most successful part of the design however is the central bar, which, fittingly for Greece, has the shape of a ship. In order to realize an ever changing look on the bar top itself, 12 ceiling mounted Martin Architectural Alien 05 color changers project from above, working with 800 meters of FiberSource QFX 150 powered fiber optic cable on the surface of the “ship”.

During night hours the mood changes and the space is transformed into a bar with the help of 2 MiniMAC moving heads, 1 Wizard effect light, 1 Mania DC-1 liquid effect and 3 RoboColor Pro 400 color changers all handled from a Martin 2510 controller. Installation and programming was again by Panou dealer Arc Innovations.