Phlippo Showlights Supplies MAC Viper for I Love Techno

Phlippo Showlights Supplies MAC Viper for I Love Techno

December 18, 2012

After initial shoot-outs involving lighting designers and a visit to the PLASA trade show in London in September, Belgium-based event production supplier Phlippo Showlights made an investment in the new Martin Professional MAC Viper Profile™, winner of the PLASA Innovation Award.

“I was present at the first shoot-outs at the Phlippo Showlights headquarters and the Viper looked promising to me,” says lighting designer Thomas Boets of Light Design Productions, who specified the Viper on I Love Techno that took place in November at Ghent’s Flanders Expo, one of Europe’s leading indoor dance festivals.

“In the field, the Viper performed even better,” he says, “An amazing light output for a 1000 W fixture! And with the even field through the entire zoom range, you get a fantastic quality of light throughout the beam. Definitely a winner!”

Lighting operator for The Green Room was Niels Huybrechts. He comments, “When arriving at Flanders Expo, I was surprised to have the Vipers in my rig. Opening the shutters made me feel comfortable - amazing light output! The zoom/focus speed is incredibly high and in combination with the iris, the effect is enormous. Also the color and gobo changes are very fast, exactly the speed you need for this type of dance/techno festival.”

Phlippo Showlights are the first in Belgium to purchase the Vipers and are confident they will become a new standard in their range. Phlippo’s directors stated, “The MAC 2K was the industry standard workhorse for many years and we believe this new fixture has all the potential to be the workhorse of today and the next generation.

“It is the right time for our expansion into the broader event and production market and therefore we invest wisely in reliable, professional products that will benefit Phlippo and our clients. The future is very bright, Phlippo is already known as the premium supplier of quality and professional event technical resources in Belgium.”

The MAC Viperis a compact and versatile profile housing a 1000-watt high-output lamp. It also features deep saturated colors and a fantastic range of new vibrant gobos. Phlippo Showlights reports already seeing interest through production riders.