Radiance of the Seas Sets Sail with Martin Lighting

October 04, 2001

Cruise ship illumination (both indoor and out) is experiencing a period of rapid growth, and the reasons are many - increased competition for passengers, industry growth, aesthetics and differentiation.

In fact, intelligent lighting has application virtually anywhere on board today´s luxury liners. Witness Royal Caribbean´s latest ship, the 2,501 passenger capacity, three football field long Radiance of the Seas, which set sail on its maiden voyage March 10th with an abundance of Martin lighting on board.

On deck, in an African-themed area called Solarium, a climate-controlled, quiet indoor/outdoor pool and bar area, four Martin Exterior 200s have been installed. Mounted in the Solarium pool area, they are discreetly placed among the various decorative plants and cascading waterfalls. At night, the brush of color provides an atmospheric touch to the Salarium´s rich earthy tones. The Martin Exterior 200 is a compact and powerful, short throw, CMY color changer that is capable of producing a nearly endless variety of colors.

Cruise ship lighting specialists Lightspeed Productions supplied the Martin lighting. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines´ Sound, Light & Video Specialist Christopher Vlassopulos specified the system.

On the ship´s trademark Viking Crown level, the area takes on a completely new persona at night, turning into a major entertainment complex with a black-box theater, various bars and Starquest disco.

Starquest features an advanced lighting, sound and video system, which includes Martin intelligent moving head luminaires, effect lights and moving mirror scanners, as well as other intelligent lights. To customize the disco lighting even further, all intelligent lights are fitted with custom-made litho patterns. Wynne Willson Gottelier (WWG) designed the spectacular system incorporating MAC 250+ moving heads, RoboScan Pro 918s, Martin Acrobats and more to provide dynamic stage and dancefloor effects.

Radiance also boasts a cabaret lounge, the Colony Club. Although the less than 3 meter high ceiling creates difficulties when incorporating entertainment technology, intelligent lighting is available in increasingly smaller housings allowing for a variety of lights to be installed in Colony Club. The lounge includes Martin moving mirror scanners as well as other intelligent lighting, providing dynamic stage and dancefloor effects. Radiance´s theater is equipped with Martin MAC 500 and MAC 600 moving heads.

To check out Radiance of the Seas´ Martin lighting for yourself, catch the cruise liner in the Pacific Northwest through October and then the Southern Caribbean from November through March.