Rise Against Tour with Stagebar 54™ Luminaires

Rise Against Tour with Stagebar 54™ Luminaires

September 28, 2007

Rise Against is an American ‘melodic hardcore’ rock band from Chicago, Illinois who not only knock out some rockin’ tunes but tackle social and environmental issues to boot.

Currently on a three month tour of the US and Canada that wraps up in mid September, Rise Against is one of the first US bands (possibly the first) to tour with Martin’s new LED Stagebar 54 pixel bar. Lighting designer/director, Dara Guiney, incorporates 12 of them in his design.

“I use four Stagebars behind the vertical grated decks, two underneath the grated ramp, four as a cyc wash and two placed behind the final drape reveal to light the logo from the back,” Dara comments.

“The fixtures are working fantastic and the white and amber are a welcome addition. I’m running them as RGBAW in 10 channel mode and the break up is excellent and provides unlimited effects. The Stagebars are great and I have not had to do any maintenance or repairs.”

The Stagebar 54 is a bright, high efficiency LED pixel bar with RGB, Amber and White color mixing (RGBAW) for a broader color spectrum and greater range of pastel shades than other LED lights in its class. It functions as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages.

Along with the 12 Stagebars, Dara uses 6 MAC 2000 Profiles and 8 Atomic 3000 strobes with Atomic Colors scrollers, as well as a handful of conventionals and other automateds. Lighting supply is by East Coast Lighting and Production Services with set design by Robb Jibson.