Serbia’s Cotton Club

Serbia’s Cotton Club

November 21, 2007

Audio Light Concept of Belgrade, Serbia has designed, delivered and installed a complete Martin lighting rig for Cotton Club in Prijepolje, Serbia. Completed in June 2007, the 400 m2 club offers disco and live music, VIP and DJ areas and a unique, raised bridge for showgirls.

The lighting brief was simple: to create a good ambiance for guests. Lighting designer Sandro Krstic of Audio Light Concept went about fulfilling that brief with a host of Martin fixtures including 4 MAC 250 Krypton moving heads, 8 Mania SCX600 scanner effects, 2 Wizard Extreme effect lights, 2 Atomic 3000 strobes and 1 Mania PR image projector with 2 Magnum 1500 foggers for the atmospheric fog and mid-air projection canopy.

The Martin fixtures are located on two circular trusses (3.5 m diameter) 4.5 m above the floor. Lighting control is from a hands-on Martin Xciter which the club finds “easy to use for non-trained lighting personnel.”

Sandro chose the Martin fixtures because of a previous positive experience with them, namely with Mania SCX500 and Mania EFX500 effects at a café in Prijepolje, Bombonjera, that Audio Light Concept designed, supplied and installed the lighting for.

At Cotton Club, Sandro praises the excellent coverage of the Martin fixtures with the lights reportedly performing ‘quite well.’

Audio Light Concept procures their Martin gear for the Serbian and Montenegro market through AVC Group.

Audio Light Concept retail, project, design, technical team: Zoran Opsenica, Sasa Markovic, Ivan Nikolic, Sandro Krstic, Vladimir Stanisevic, Davor Rakicevic, and Nikola Nikolic.