Sexy, Sophisticated XS Nightclub, Wynn Las Vegas

November 17, 2009

XS is an exclusive club located in the Encore Tower at luxury casino and resort Wynn Las Vegas. Conceptualized by legendary nightlife entrepreneur Victor Drai, and described as the “gold standard where no extravagance is spared,” XS features a sexy and sophisticated design that includes a ten-foot rotating mirror ball chandelier encircled by a Martin lighting rig of MAC 250 Krypton™ and MAC 250 Wash™ luminaires.

Lighting designer for Wynn Resorts is Tom Kowalczuk who has the enviable job of creating a variety of lighting designs across the Wynn property, from club to casino to convention room.

The elegant atmosphere at XS caters to a top end clientele who are looking for a more relaxed, intimate environment, but, as Kowalczuk explains, that doesn’t exclude a dynamic lighting system.

“For XS, we really had to sell the moving lights,” he says. “The owner wanted the club to be subdued, sexy, with pastels and candles. We told him the Martin lights could do that and more.”

The MAC 250 Kryptons and MAC 250 Washes are located above a large central dance floor and serve a number of purposes besides highlighting the chandelier, which Kowalczuk says is often the topic of conversation. He comments, “It’s not a high energy club, but the club does throw parties on nights off where the lights are more active. I love the flexibility. We’ll flash them to tables that buy a bottle of champagne for example.”

Providing a mid air projection canopy for the Martin moving heads are Jem K1 Hazers™ with a Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass™ fogger used for atmospheric enhancement. Lighting control is from a Martin Maxxyz Compact™ programmed by lead lighting technician at the Wynn, Brian Gysegem.

Gysegem is no Maxxyz rookie, having used the console in the Wynn Convention Center (where they have three full Maxxyz desks) since its opening. “It was great going to the Compact and programming was a smooth process,” Gysegem stated. “I suspected it would be difficult to get to things but it wasn’t. We’ve had virtually no problems and it’s held up fine.”

Lighting project management and equipment was supplied by 4Wall Entertainment of Las Vegas with on site project management by 4Wall Systems Project Manager Darin Hagan. “We were integrating many different types of lighting effects from LED floors to Martin automated fixtures. I have worked with Martin equipment on my last two projects and the equipment has been rock-solid,” he commented.