Sky Lounge, Austin, Texas

Sky Lounge, Austin, Texas

October 18, 2005

Sky Lounge is an upscale nightclub located in downtown Austin’s fashionable warehouse district. Completely refurbished with a new vibe that features a Martin Total Supplier light and sound system, Sky is an airy, sky themed club with a trendy yet comfortable atmosphere.

The 10,000 sq. ft. club features multiple areas on multi-levels and offers two dance floors, four massive bars, and private VIP areas. The interior is made up of granite walls, steel girders and blue velvet drapery, all of which is augmented by a carefully coordinated lighting and sound system.

Creative Production and Design
Sky owners sought to reenergize the club with a new lighting and sound system and turned to Austin-based Creative Production and Design for a solution. “The owners weren’t happy with the existing system and wanted an improvement – one that was multi-dimensional and durable,” commented Justin Jenkins of Creative Production and Design. “They wanted a layer effect with the lighting so they could coordinate different layers of lighting at different times for a more intricate and versatile light show. They were also looking for a top quality audio system as they wanted to attract some of the top DJs around.”

Creative Production & Design, which also worked on the lighting design at superclub Hush in Houston, handled the lighting and sound design, system integration and installation of the new systems at Sky. Justin Jenkins and Daniel Wyatt were the main designers on the project.

Layered lighting
Sky is located on the ground floor of a three story building with upward views from the atrium dance floor to third story sky lights above. The three story dancefloor acts as the club's focal point and Justin incorporated a host of Martin, Mach and Jem gear here. Located in the corners of the dance floor at varying levels between the first and second floor are 8 MAC 250 Entour profile spots, 4 MAC 300 washlights, 8 MX-10 scanners, 4 Atomic strobes and 2 Wizard effect lights. Atmospheric smoke and mid-air projection canopy is from a Martin Magnum Club Smoke system (two heads) and Jem 24/7 hazer.

“We use several layers of lighting,” Justin explains. “All the lighting is on a multi-layer truss system which we reconfigured from the existing system to better suit the lighting design. The design has worked out well for the space and the lights have held up very well, much better than the previous system.” Lighting control is from a Martin PC-based LightJockey with a hands-on Martin Fingers interface.

A separate ultra-posh VIP lounge, Vue, is located upstairs and is used for private parties and events. Vue has its own dance floor with MX-10 scanners, and Wizard and Atomic strobe effects, all under Freekie control.

Adding to the club’s ambiance away from the dance floors are 4 Martin Architectural Alien 05 color changers in the entryway and 12 in the hallway.

Mach speaker system
On the audio side, Sky’s main dance floor features a corner-positioned Mach speaker system of 156i dual 15” top boxes working with 218T dual 18” frontloaded subwoofers. A centrally placed Mach CTW1 super tweeter array provides 360° high frequency effects. A digitally powered Mach M-Flex 12 is used as a stage monitor. All speakers are operated via a Mach 20.06 speaker management system.

“It’s a great sound system, very dynamic,” Justin comments. “It ranks right up there with the best sound systems around. International DJs like Paul Van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold and many local DJs play and love the sound system.”

8 x MAC 250 Entour
8 x MX-10
4 x MAC 300
4 x Atomic strobes
2 x Wizard
16 x Alien 05
1 x Magnum Club Smoke
1 x Jem 24/7
1 x LightJockey
1 x Fingers
Mach 156i
Mach 218T
Mach CTW1
Mach M-Flex 12
Mach 20.06