Stagebar 54™ Guest Stars on Vasco Tour 2008

Stagebar 54™ Guest Stars on Vasco Tour 2008

August 06, 2008

Ask any Italian who Vasco Rossi is and they will know the answer. Vasco Rossi is Italy’s most popular artist. Hands down. No bones about it. Try to buy a ticket to one of his concerts and you’d better get to the box office early. A living legend in Italy, his live concerts are some of the biggest events ever held in the country, this year attracting more than 80,000 fans on successive days.

For years, Giovanni Pinna, one of Italy’s most renowned lighting designers, has been responsible for ensuring that Vasco’s summer tours are even more exciting. He had his first look at the Martin LED Stagebar 54 during a recent trip to Martin Professional’s headquarters in Denmark and subsequently decided to use them for the live show. We asked Giovanni to tell us about the tour and to explain the role of the Martin lighting fixtures on this year’s project.

Set design is by Giò Forma Studio of Milan, who chose to decorate the stage with a background of round mirrors (the same ones you find used as traffic signals). LD Giovanni Pinna incorporated a huge number of Martin fixtures: 63 MAC 700 Profiles™, 50 MAC 700 Washes™, 55 Atomic 3000™ strobes, 78 Stagebar 54 L™ and 22 Stagebar 54 S™ LED bars, plus 2 Jem Roadie Compact™ fog and haze effect generators. The Martin gear was provided by Limelite of Rome.

Stagebar 54™
Giovanni turned to LED for the first time in 2001 and has been increasing its use on Vasco tours ever since. For Vasco 2008, he placed 100 Stagebar 54s behind the band, in vertical columns, to generate graphic effects and lighting ‘explosions.’ 

He appreciates the luminaire’s unique RGB + Amber and White color mixing, which gives a broader and finer range of colors, and finds the inclusion of white extremely useful. “The Stagebar 54 is versatile and easy to install, to set up and to use,” he comments. “I loved it from the first time that I saw it.” Giovanni also appreciates the fact that both a transparent and an opaque diffuser are included and that they are so easy to change.

A central feature of the Stagebar 54 is the ability to create even and consistent colors. “This product is impressive, it is 100% satisfying,” says Giovanni.

More Martin
Giovanni used MAC 700 series moving heads last year for the first time and was so satisfied with their performance that he chose to increase the number for this year’s tour. He is also enthusiastic about the Atomic 3000 strobe, stating, “They are unique in their genre,” and considers them the real market standard with no rivals.

Providing atmospheric fog on stage, as well as a mid-air projection canopy of haze in the massive venues, is a Jem Roadie Compact™, Martin’s high-output fog generator capable of casting a variety of effects. Based around the same principles as the Jem Roadie X-Stream, the highly durable Roadie Compact’s high output is perfect for venues that need instant fog or haze coverage of large areas.

The only negative point about the initial shows was the weather: in fact, during the first five dates of the tour, heavy rain posed a problem for Giovanni who had little time to program the show. But, thanks to a wealth of experience, he managed to successfully create an exciting event for all. Video content for the show was handled by Jo Campana.

Vasco Tour 2008 started on May 28th at Stadio Olimpico in Rome and then moved on to Milan’s Stadio San Siro. The tour is travelling across Italy and takes a brief respite in August before hitting the road once again in September and October.