The Works in Nottingham, England

December 05, 2001

First Leisure’s new Nottingham club has as much to surprise and please as their other innovative English ventures in Bristol and Kingston.

Having done away with the usual table shuffling and light dimming, The Works is a multi-functional, multi-roomed venue that mixes breathtaking lighting and sound effects with movable walls to transform the club’s atmosphere in an instant.

A spectacular light show, designed and installed by Design Intervention, is projected onto a 10-meter wide opaque glass wall.  Unusually, or perhaps uniquely, for a First Leisure venue, there is no lighting rig suspended from the ceiling.  Instead, Design Intervention has attached an array of intelligent fixtures to the walls with moving heads and generic parcans flown from a giant industrial air duct that spans the ceiling.

Martin lighting includes 12 Destroyers, 9 MAC 300s, 6 MAC 600s, 16 RoboScan Pro 918s, 4 MiniMAC Profiles, 2 MiniMAC Wash and 3 RoboColor llls. A massive 9 Jem Club Smoke machines and 9 Jem AF-1 fans distribute the atmospheric haze. Control comes from a Martin 2510 controller.